So you think you want to be in the Restaurant Business?

Restaurant for Sale: A Cautionary Tale, by Dan Crisafulli, is an autobiographical account of his thirty-five years in the restaurant business as the developer, owner, and operator of six sit-down restaurants, three Taco Bells, two fast-food hamburger joints, and consultant to countless other restaurant projects.   “When you consider that at least 50 percent of adult Americans secretly desire to own a restaurant and that some estimates place 150 million Americans eating out in restaurants on a daily basis, spending more than $600 billion annually, it is understandable why so many want their shot at owning a successful restaurant.”   It is a must-read for prospective restaurant owners or any small businessperson for that matter.

The tone and style of Restaurant for Sale: A Cautionary Tale, sets it apart from any other book written about the food and beverage industry.   The result is a raw, straightforward, in-depth analysis, providing insight and opinions on how the restaurant industry operates.  It is not only a how-to theme that offers tips on what to do and what not to do when trying to open a restaurant, including the obstacles future restaurateurs will face from every type of government agency, but also an insightful forewarning to prepare future restaurant owners on what to expect after opening from employees, as well as the demands, likes, dislikes, and idiosyncrasies of their customers. The honest and sometimes frightening stories provide both perspective and assistance in teaching readers about the business.  All of the stories come together to give an instructive and reflective message.

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