So You Want to Open a Restaurant?

So You Want to Open a RestaurantThe restaurant business has a very high mortality rate.  The reason for this high attrition is that many new restaurant entrepreneurs just don’t know what they don’t know about how to go about properly planning and opening a restaurant.  Unfortunately, there are many hidden pit falls inherent in the planning & pre-opening stages of a restaurant that will predetermine failure.  

Tom Wilscam owned and operated several well-known restaurants nationwide. He co-owned two franchise companies, consulted on the opening of over 80 restaurants, and then founded a company that became known as Einstein Bros. Bagels.

Tom recently released his new book, So You Want to Open a Restaurant!  While there are many how-to books about the restaurant industry, there are few that can offer what Tom’s new book can. Its step-by-step process shows exactly how to open a restaurant. First, you’ll learn how to write a business plan, backed by a man with over 50 years in the business.

So You Want to Open a Restaurant! will get you cooking and let you know what you should know about opening and running a restaurant.  The author and his partner, operational systems expert Dan Wolfson, also provide start up consulting services for interested parties.  See for more information.

“This is a fabulous book. Have you ever considered opening a restaurant? Read Tom Wilscam’s book and find out how to do it the right way!”
– Ernie Carwile, Author and Creator of The Maxwell Winston Stone Series

“If ever you want the satisfaction of sitting in your own successful restaurant, Tom Wilscam`s book is a guide to a perfect opening. Knowledge, Experience, Success, it’s all in this book. I call it: savoir-faire – I am Pierre Wolfe, and I should know.”
– Pierre Wolfe, Celebrity Chef and Radio Talk Show Host

So You Want to Open a Restaurant! is now available at

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