SoftCafe releases free MenuPro Menu App for Facebook

MenuPro 10, the latest version of SoftCafe’s award winning menu software, has recently been released and includes over 175 instant menu styles, thousands of menu and food clip art images, and more features than ever before. Easier than using Word Templates for restaurants, MenuPro offers a unique menu maker program with menu design features that are unavailable anywhere else.

To complement the software, SoftCafe has just released a new Menu App for Facebook, which lets users display their MenuPro Menus on Facebook with just a few clicks.

The Menu App makes it easy for restaurants to publish their menus on their Facebook page in a separate, stylish tab, with an ‘always visible’ presence. Even though it’s presently possible to post menus on the Facebook timeline, the Menu App from SoftCafe gives restaurant menus a permanent home with full screen display for high visibility and easy readability. Restaurants can change, remove, or add new menus at any time and the app is free – even to customers who don’t own MenuPro – with no monthly charges.

Used in combination the MenuPro 10, the Menu App lets restaurants keep their design and brand in-tact, as they can now display exact copies of their in-house menu online and on their Facebook pages. This saves them from re-typing their menus, and sets their Restaurant Facebook page apart from the drab, text-only menu presentations that are commonplace on Facebook.

Currently in use worldwide by thousands of restaurants and eateries, MenuPro is also a favorite among food service operators such as Sysco and US Foodservice, as it gives food service reps a competitive edge in attracting new clients by offering menu services as a value added feature. The new and free Menu App enhances the possibilities of menu promotion and management, and SoftCafe has new unreleased features and options that are already under development.

More information can be obtained at or by calling SoftCafe at 1-800-747-3690, or viewing the Menu App in action at