SoMi Data Now Integrates with Vantiv, the Industry Leader for In-Store Credit Card Payment Processing

SoMi Data Now Integrates with Vantiv, the Industry Leader for In-Store Credit Card Payment Processing

SoMi Data continues to expand the capabilities of the SuiteOrders experience today by announcing its integration with Vantiv, a leading provider of payments technology and processing services for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Vantiv, the largest merchant acquirer in the U.S. based on number of transactions, creates open platform solutions that foster innovation.

“We are extremely excited about the payment options that Vantiv can provide for every one of SoMi Data’s SuiteOrders solutions clients,” said Justin Agredano, CEO of SoMi Data. “By marrying Vantiv’s payments expertise with our intuitive POS solution, restaurant owners and other merchants will be able to deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

SuiteOrders provides customers with POS options not found elsewhere. By combining the best of both eCommerce and POS into one platform, SuiteOrders allows their customers to concentrate on running their brick-and-mortar stores and offer online sales using one enterprise platform. This includes one place to update menu items, prices, categories, taxes and other key components within the platform. Whether a retailer needs real time inventory from their online stores and brick-and–mortar, or a restaurant needs to throttle order wait times because of restaurant activity, SuiteOrders provides all of that and more. Now with Vantiv’s integrated payments processing, SuiteOrders can provide additional payment features such as advanced fraud and protection services to help keep your business safer and more secure.

“Vantiv’s open architecture platform is a boon for innovative solutions providers like SoMi Data,” said Matt Downs, head of channel and business development at Vantiv. “With flexible, modern payments tools that are easy to integrate into your software or business, Vantiv makes running your business that much easier.”

SoMi Data has now recently collaborated with both Vantiv and Elo, a leading global supplier of touchscreen solutions, to create a forward-thinking, advanced solution for not only the restaurant industry, but the retail and hospitality industries as well. SuiteOrders provides an array of software applications that, combined with these partnerships, now offers a fully integrated system to meet the needs of clients and customers alike.

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SuiteOrders, a division of SoMi Data, offers applications that specialize in the restaurant industry and retail industry. With a team comprised of talented programmers and former restaurant employees, SuiteOrders seamlessly merges quality and efficiency.

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