SONIC Sweetens the Morning Hours with New Cinnasnacks

SONIC Sweetens the Morning Hours with New Cinnasnacks

Not a morning person? You may not be alone. According to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive, nearly half (46 percent) of Millennials are not morning people. The good news is that SONIC Drive-In (NASDAQ: SONC) is making mornings a little bit sweeter with the introduction of Cinnasnacks to the menu.

When asked what would make mornings better, 50 percent of Millennials said that a better breakfast could do the trick, and the culinary team at SONIC thinks Cinnasnacks are exactly what they need. These warm, gooey pastry bites with a sweet cinnamon roll filling are served with real cream cheese frosting for dipping. Much like an inside-out cinnamon roll in bite-sized form, Cinnasnacks are the perfect breakfast for customers who aren’t quite awake yet. And because they’re available all day long, Cinnasnacks can satisfy the sweet tooth whenever cravings strike.

“SONIC is known for offering unique and adventurous breakfast items, and we’re always looking to innovate in this area,” said James O’Reilly, SONIC chief marketing officer. “Cinnasnacks are a perfect sweet complement to the savory breakfast burritos and TOASTERS on our menu. And since Cinnasnacks are portable, we’ve noticed that customers love them as a grab-and-go snack later in the day as well – another reason we serve our entire menu all day.”

Additional key findings among all survey respondents include:

  • Among all adults, women (57 percent) are less likely than men (63 percent) to be morning people.
  • Retired adults find it easiest to wake up with the sun, with 67 percent considering themselves morning people.
  • Unsurprisingly, getting a better night’s sleep is the number one choice for improving mornings (59 percent), but eating a better breakfast (34 percent) and working from home (34 percent) tie for a strong second place.
  • Whether it’s the late night study sessions or the recreational side of college, more than half of students (52 percent) say they are not morning people.

Cinnasnacks come in two snackable sizes: three-piece and five-piece. They are available for a limited time only at participating SONIC Drive-Ins.

“My team loves to mix up the usual with something fun – a twist on popular favorites to delight our guests,” said Chef Claes Petersson, vice president of product innovation at Sonic Corp. “That’s what inspired Cinnasnacks. We took the best parts of a cinnamon roll and found a way to serve them in a bite-size, snackable form. Delicious!”