Sports Bars + Social Media + Live Events Equals a Winning Combo

Sports Bars + Social Media + Live Events Equals a Winning ComboIf you run a sports bar, you know that there’s more to it than simply putting a game on TV and waiting for the guests to roll in. In fact, there’s a lot more you have to do if you want to attract customers who will come back again and again. You need to put in some effort to create fun, engaging events for your guests…but you also have to make sure that potential customers know about everything that you have to offer.

So what’s the solution? Hosting live events and using social media to help promote those events…and, by extension your bar.

Let’s say your bar is hosting a fun event that’s guaranteed to interest customers—a local sports hero is visiting your bar for the day to hang out with fans and sign merchandise. You know fans will be interested, so how can you use social media to drum up more interest? First, of course, you’ll want to make sure you use your own social media accounts to promote the event and make sure all of your followers know when it’s happening. But remember the social part of social media—you can’t do much if you don’t engage your online community! Encourage customers to tweet and Facebook up a storm by running a contest in conjunction with your event. You might create a raffle for some special signed merchandise and count every tweet as an entry. Or, you could ask customers to Instagram photos related to your event and give the most creative photo an award. Whatever contest you decide to run, you’ll engage your customers and gain a ton of free promotion.

Social media is also particularly effective when it comes to charity events. You can host a charity event for just about any cause, but you might want to focus on raising money for local high school sports teams.

And don’t forget about the power of live games! It’s a given that the customers in your sports bar have a competitive streak, so why not take advantage of that with BEOND LIVE? Not only is gaming extremely popular, but it’s also social—62 percent of gamers play with others, and 77 percent of those players do so at least one hour a week. Why not try bringing those customers into your sports bar with BEOND LIVE’s great offerings like Hold ‘Em Live and OpinioNation Live? And, with Trivia LIVE, customers can even show off their sports knowledge. What’s even better is that BEOND LIVE games can be played on customers’ own smart phones. Then, when your customers brag about their awesome skills on social media, you’ll be able to score even more customers.

Sports bars can do a whole lot more than just show games. Introducing live events—and incorporating social media—to your sports bar equals a winning combo!

Article provided by Buzztime.

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