Sprig Restaurant in Decatur Launches Spring Menu

The beginning of spring is followed by an updated menu for Sprig Restaurant in Decatur, Georgia.  The restaurant features southern cuisine that follows the seasons and availability of ingredients from local farms. Chef Britt Cloud keeps in close contact with local farmers that supply the restaurant insuring that the menu reflects the best ingredients the area has to offer. Joining Chef Britt Cloud is  Robert Elliott, who has returned to the restaurant to help launch the latest menu, the expanded hours of operation, the new bar menu and a growing catering business.

The restaurant continues to build roots in the community. Owners Anthony and Jennifer Tiberia not only work with local farmers, but also have reached out to the Oak Grove area and have hosted dinners at local churches, conducted Spirit Nights with local schools and are working with DeKalb County of the farm to school program. The restaurant strives to be sustainable by recycling wine bottles, using biodegradable to go containers and composting food waste.  A garden has been expanded adjacent to the restaurant to include seasonal vegetables. This summer some of the produce from the local neighborhood gardens is going to be sourced and featured on the menu.

Sprig offers cooking demonstrations at local farmers markets, conducts wine tastings, craft cocktail classes and other events to connect with the local community and show how it is possible to buy local and prepare healthy meals.  The kitchen prepares everything from scratch down to the vanilla wafers for banana pudding. The same goes for the bar, where craft cocktails are prepared using local ingredients and scratch-made mixers.

Opening in November 2011 with strong reviews, Sprig Restaurant has thrived in the Oak Grove area. Food is sourced from local farms and vendors as much as possible to provide a “farm to table” experience focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The menu at Sprig Restaurant changes with the seasons and offer diners a variety of menu choices throughout the year.

Location: Vista Grove Shopping Center/Oak Grove
2860 Lavista Road,
Decatur, GA 30033-1307