SUBWAY Restaurants Recognized As Industry Champions 2012 By The Produce for Better Health Foundation

SUBWAY Restaurants Recognized As Industry Champions 2012 By The Produce for Better Health Foundation

The SUBWAY restaurant chain was named an Industry Champion recently by the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

The SUBWAY brand was recognized for encouraging customers to build their sandwich or salad just the way they like it, with their choice of fresh vegetables and toppings. Messaging the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, SUBWAY restaurants include the “Fruits and Veggies More Matters” logo on tray liners and other signage, in addition to radio spots and social media content.

“We’re extremely proud and appreciative of the efforts contributed by all these Role Models and Champions to remind consumers that increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is important through use of the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters logo and messaging,” said Elizabeth Pivonka , Ph.D., R.D., president and CEO of PBH.

When made to standard formula, a six-inch SUBWAY sandwich includes two full servings of vegetables, essential nutrients vitamin A and iron, and are free of artificial trans-fat and rich in complex carbohydrates. All SUBWAY bread is fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D, and a six inch sandwich includes the equivalent to a glass of milk. When made on 9-Grain Wheat or Honey Oat bread, each sandwich contains at least 20% daily value of fiber.

All SUBWAY sandwiches and salads can be customized with an array of fresh, crisp vegetables, such as spinach, green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers. Customers can also add banana peppers, jalapenos, pickles, black olives, and their choice of several low fat sauces, on a variety of freshly baked breads. Meals can be paired with fresh apple slices, strawberry yogurt parfait, or apple juice.

In 2012, SUBWAY restaurants became the first Quick Service Restaurant chain with meals to earn the American Heart Association’s Heart Check mark that pass the certification program’s stringent criteria. The certification comes after nearly 12 years of supporting the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, Jump Rope for Heart, and Hoops for Heart programs, promoting the importance of physical activity at any age, and is a reflection of SUBWAY restaurants’ mission to continue offering better-for-you meal options that do not sacrifice taste or variety. The program guidelines include criteria that go beyond just calories, and include sodium, fat, trans fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and beneficial nutrient levels. The Heart Check mark can be found on SUBWAY FRESH FIT meals featuring a variety of 6″ inch subs served with apple slices and water, and SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS meals served with apple slices and 12 ounce low-fat milk.

The SUBWAY brand also recently introduced a Chopped Salad program that includes nine American Heart Association Heart Check certified salad meals, which are all less than 350 calories, and include sweet onion salad dressing, bottled water, and apple slices. At five servings of vegetables each, all Chopped Salads provide 100 percent of the recommended daily vegetable servings, as well as essential vitamins A, C, as well as iron and fiber.

Ordering heart healthy options is now even easier at SUBWAY restaurants, as customers can simply look for the American Heart Association’s Heart Check mark on the menu.

SUBWAY Restaurants Recognized As Industry Champions 2012 By The Produce for Better Health Foundation