Summer Grubbin’ Now Happening at The RAM and C.B. & Potts Restaurants & Breweries

Summer Grubbin' Now Happening at The RAM and C.B. & Potts Restaurants & Breweries

It’s summertime and at The RAM and C.B. & Potts they’re inviting guests in now to enjoy their all-new Summer Grubbin’ Menu features. Available for a limited time are juicy new burgers, the Nantucket Fish Sandwich, and BBQ Citrus Salads, all on a mission to make this summer the tastiest summer ever, one bite at a time.

Summer Grubbin' Now Happening at The RAM and C.B. & Potts Restaurants & Breweries

Chicken Bravocado

First up is the Chicken Bravocado. This popular choice of RAM and Potts guests starts with a house-brewed Buttface Amber Ale-marinated chicken breast that is dusted with Cajun spice and then flame grilled. The Bravocado teases your taste buds with Wisconsin cheddar, chipotle mayonnaise and a freshly sliced avocado fan, with sweet chili-garlic slaw, served on a pretzel bun. One bite of the Bravocado will have your taste buds shouting out for more! Bravo! Bravo!

Summer Grubbin' Now Happening at The RAM and C.B. & Potts Restaurants & Breweries

Fry Toupee

Representing the burger section is the new Fry Toupee. This mouthwatering mound of cheeseburger goodness boasts two quarter pound beef patties seared at over 800 degrees on an open-flame and stacked on a split-top sourdough bun. This burger doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to flavor. It’s packed with Wisconsin Swiss cheese along with the unforgettable taste of Applewood Smoked bacon, proprietary burger sauce, crisp lettuce, and grilled onions. The Fry Toupee is crowned with a pile of shoestring fries. It’s a beef and cheese rendezvous like you’ve never imagined. Pair it with the house-brewed Big Red’s IPA. 

Summer Grubbin' Now Happening at The RAM and C.B. & Potts Restaurants & Breweries

Impossible Burger

Also on the menu is the recently popular Impossible Burger. It looks, cooks, smells, and tastes like a ground beef burger but it is made from plants. The patty is made from wheat and potato proteins, coconut oil, and heme which is a natural molecule found in all living things that gives meat its unmistakable meaty flavor. It’s served on a grilled bun and topped with lettuce, tomato, and sliced red onion along with proprietary burger sauce. Many RAM and Potts guests say it tastes just like an actual beef burger.

Summer Grubbin' Now Happening at The RAM and C.B. & Potts Restaurants & Breweries

Alaska Salmon BBQ Citrus Salad

When it comes to summer salads, the BBQ Citrus Salads go toe-to-toe with the heartiest of appetites. Have your choice of either the Pineapple-Glazed BBQ Grilled Chicken, Alaska Salmon, or Filet Steak Medallions. They’re all bursting at the seams with summer mixed greens, a medley of Mandarin orange and grapefruit segments, sliced red onions, crumbled Wisconsin blue cheese, onion crisps, and perfectly sweetened crunchy candied pecans. These BBQ Citrus Salads are complemented with house-made vinaigrette, and are packed with goodness that can satisfy your salad craving. Pair any of these salads with The RAM or Potts’ silver medal-winning Big Horn Hefeweizen beer.

Summer Grubbin’ shareable appetizers include Crispy Smoked Chicken Flautas. They’re loaded with Anaheim peppers, sour cream, house-made BBQ sauce, red onion, and corn along with shredded cheddar and pepper-jack cheese. It’s all rolled in a flour tortilla and served golden with a side of salsa. Another summertime favorite is craveable, crunchy, Crispy Onion Rings, served piping hot with zesty fry sauce. When these starters hit the table, there will be smiles on everyone’s faces.

Summer Grubbin' Now Happening at The RAM and C.B. & Potts Restaurants & Breweries

Strawberry Cream Pie

For the finale, be sure to indulge in a slice of house-made Strawberry Cream Pie. Naturally sweet and delicious fresh strawberries are spun with rich cream cheese along with whipped cream and vanilla. Set on an OREO Cookie Crust, it’s perfect for yourself or to share with spoons for everyone.

Along with these limited-time food features, The RAM and C.B. & Potts are also introducing some new Summer Cocktails including Sailor Jerry’s Hula Swizzle and an 1800 Silver Tequila Sparkling Strawberry Paloma. Also featured is Chateau Ste Michelle Rose wine. Of course Barefoot Wit, a small-batch seasonal, is available for a limited time and is the perfect beer for Summer Grubbin’!

The RAM is a Washington based, team-member owned restaurant and brewing company. The company’s 32 restaurants are favorite destinations for guests who appreciate quality food and fresh, local beer brewed on site. The RAM opened their first restaurant location 47 years ago in Lakewood, Washington.

In 1995, the company opened their first brewery location and now most restaurants have on-site breweries. The award-winning brewery program continues to be recognized regularly as an industry leader for creating highly acclaimed and drinkable selections. In 2017 the company celebrated its 50th medal awarded by The Great American Beer Festival.

You’ll find 23 RAM locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. The RAM Restaurant Group also owns seven C.B. & Potts Restaurant & Brewery locations in Colorado, in addition to C.I. Shenanigans in Tacoma, Washington and The Stonehouse in Boise, Idaho. The company prides itself on being community-involved. Since 1971, The RAM Restaurant Group has donated over $1,000,000 back to the hometowns they serve through a variety of philanthropic initiatives.

The RAM Restaurant Group is proudly team-member owned and includes over 2000 people who are dedicated to excellence and superior service to over 110,000 weekly guests that visit the company Restaurants & Breweries.

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