16 Handles Superfood Smoothies

16 Handles Super Food SmoothiesThe frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles is getting ready to launch it’s super food frozen yogurt smoothies this Wednedsay (April 15th). 16 Handles CE-YO Solomon Choi says, “We introduced smoothies made with frozen yogurt last summer and are happy to say they were an instant hit. It was only natural to add flavors this year and to make them truly SUPER smoothies.”

The kale smoothie, Oh Kale Yeah!, is made with kale, spinach, banana and pineapple. All those great ingredients are then blended with the popular vegan artisan flavor Coco Loco. Coco Loco is the only fro yo made from coconut water. So this smoothie won’t only make you feel good, it will also leave you SUPER hydrated as well.

The second new smoothie is the Acai Elixir smoothie. It’s made from the superfruit acai, strawberries, blueberries and, of course, fro yo.

This duo joins the already fun smoothie menu made up of the BFF (Strawberry Banana), Tropic Thunder (Mango Pineapple), Brr Berry (Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry) and Surf’s up (vegan Strawberry and Banana smoothie).

16 Handles Super Food Smoothies16 Handles Super Food Smoothies16 Handles was started in 2008 as New York City’s first self-serve frozen yogurt and is currently the number one frozen yogurt business in the city. It has since grown to over 40 locations across six states, and is now expanding internationally. 16 Handles sets itself apart with unique store design, innovative marketing, artisan flavors, and over 50 toppings to choose from, ranging from your favorite candy to fresh fruit to sauces and more. They highlight individuality and customization, encouraging fans to “flaunt their flavor” both in their cups and their lives.