Supercharge Your Restaurant Website with These Tips

Your website does an enormous amount of work for your restaurant. It gives customers necessary information, tells them about your brand, and often serves as the customer’s first impression of your business. So it makes sense that you want to have the very best website you possibly can! There are a few things you can do to supercharge your website and turn it into a tool that can help your customers and increase your business. Read on to find out more.

Keep it simple.

When you’re trying to make a better website, you might think more is better. But crowded, noisy websites usually turn off customers. They just want to find out the important facts about your restaurant without being distracted by music or Flash graphics. Simple is better! Don’t make it a chore for customers to find info about your location, hours, or phone number.

Make it mobile.

More and more customers are looking at your website while they’re on their phones. If your website isn’t easy to read on a customer’s phone, s/he might get frustrated and just decide to go somewhere else.

Stay connected.

Make sure your website is connected to your social media profiles. Include simple, easy-to-find links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, etc. profiles, and make sure all of those profiles link back to your website.

Focus on your brand.

Your website should be an extension of the experience your customers have in your restaurant, so keep everything on brand. If your website uses entirely different colors and a different tone than your restaurant, you’ll just confuse people.

Ditch the PDF menus.

Downloading menus is a hassle many customers don’t want to deal with, especially if they’re looking up your restaurant on a phone or a work computer. Instead, include your menu directly on your website.

Showcase photos.

Yes, you should keep your website simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a list of text with no graphics. Great pictures of your food can really draw customers in. Don’t forget about photos of your dining room and bar, as well. Pictures that make your restaurant look inviting can attract customers even better than words.

Online reservations.

If customers can place reservations with a simple click of the mouse, they’ll be much more likely to come in.

Online ordering.

The same goes for ordering! Depending on what type of restaurant you have, online orders might be the way to go. Customers appreciate the convenience of placing their orders while at work and simply swinging by to pick up their food on the way home.

Your website is an important and useful tool, so don’t let it fall by the wayside. By keeping these ideas in mind, you can supercharge your restaurant’s website and attract more customers!

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