Superpreneur Will Bring Hot New Pizza Concept to St. Louis Area

Superpreneur Will Bring Hot New Pizza Concept to St. Louis Area
Bernie Squitieri

Superpreneur Will Bring Hot New Pizza Concept to St. Louis AreaSerial entrepreneur Bernie Squitieri will be bringing a very hot new pizza concept to St. Louis and southern Illinois.  MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is a new and fast growing concept created by the founder of Menchie’s, currently the 4th largest yogurt chain in the world.  According to Squitieri, “I wasn’t thinking of buying another franchise until I met Amit Kleinberger.” The founder of Menchie’s impressed Squitieri enough that Squitieri, a long time St. Louis area resident and large community influencer, signed a deal to bring at least 10 locations of MidiCi to St. Louis, Columbia, Missouri and Edwardsville, Illinois, the first of which will open in spring 2016.

“Yes there are competitors in this arena,” said Squitieri, “but none who have the expertise to grow a chain so quickly and to provide customers with an ‘experience’ as opposed to a meal destination.”  MidiCi already has commitments for 140 locations since opening its first one last June.

In 1999 Squitieri was awarded the Lambert Airport location for The Great American Bagel brand. It broke all sales records and Squitieri eventually gave that location to family members to run. It’s still in business and has since grown to one of the largest airport concessions in the country.

Among all the amazing achievements Squitieri has experienced his pride and joy was Emergency Medical Transporters. He started EMT in his basement in 1996 with one car and grew it to become the national leader in nonemergency medical transportation with 10 locations in 11 states and hundreds of vehicles on the road. When he sold the company in 2014, it was the largest for profit sale in the state of Missouri.

“St. Louis needs something new and exciting,” said Squitieri. “MidiCi is a place that ‘brings friends together.’ His enthusiasm continued, “St Louis people are going to love the concept and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at MidiCi. People are talking about the spectacular design from one of the best architects in the country. Their sister company Menchie’s started with one location in 2007 and now is the industry leader in frozen yogurt with over 550 locations in 12 countries in just 8 years. The CEO of Menchie’s is a winner and we think MidiCi will be even bigger then Menchie’s. We wanted to bring something different to St. Louis and we are doing just that with MidiCi. We will create over 250 new jobs for St Louis.”

Plans are to open one location in Columbia, MO next to Mizzou, one in Edwardsville, IL. and five restaurants in St. Louis.

Concludes Squitieri, “We are looking for any new high end development locations with 2500-4500 square feet of space. We will spend quite a bit of money for the build out of each location. We want developers to contact us with high end locations.  We welcome that and hope to stimulate our local economy a bit too!”