Survey Highlights Dining Out & Other Top Gift Ideas Guys Can Give Wives on Mother’s Day

Survey Highlights Dining Out & Other Top Gift Ideas Guys Can Give Moms on Mother's Day

Survey Highlights Dining Out & Other Top Gift Ideas Guys Can Give Moms on Mother's DayFrom a survey of 1,000 adults about the most romantic gifts they’ve received, several gift ideas ranked high for women. Dining out ranked in the top 10. According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year for dining out, since nearly half of Americans dine out or plan to order takeout from restaurants on the most special day for celebrating mothers. And since many men struggle with gift ideas on this important, annual occasion, here are the top dinner date descriptions the respondents gave:

  • Dining at a steakhouse;
  • A romantic beachside dinner;
  • A gourmet dinner;
  • Going out for ice cream;
  • Dinner and a movie.

These survey results are right on target. Both the survey and the National Restaurant Associations’ statistics placed an emphasis on casual dining. Even in the survey open-ended results, a few said they were happy to dine out on a ‘dollar menu date.’ Overall, individuals said dinner at a fancy restaurant, however, ranked as one of the top 10 answers from the 1,000 people polled for the open-ended question about the most romantic gifts given and received–from the survey. And in similar findings, the National Restaurant Association survey pointed out that of those planning a meal for mom, 25 percent plan to choose fine dining as their gift of choice.

To score even more points on Mother’s Day, the survey gives additional suggestions, that could even be combined with the highly-rated meal out, whether it be a breakfast, lunch or dinner out on the town. Under the “More Inspiration” category, here are other gifts that could impress her on this special day:

  • Hugs and kisses;
  • An endearing letter;
  • A song written for her;
  • Homemade gift.

The survey results are portrayed in this fun infographic, “Proven Gift Ideas Hubbies Can Give Wives on their Special Day” that gives even more clues for making wives happy this May 8.

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