Tattle Continues Innovation With Upgraded Menu Item Level Feedback and Analytics Dashboard

Tattle Continues Innovation With Upgraded Menu Item Level Feedback and Analytics Dashboard

Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) Leader continues redefining guest feedback collection and analytics to improve restaurant operations

Tattle Continues Innovation With Upgraded Menu Item Level Feedback and Analytics DashboardTattle, the hospitality industry’s go-to source for guest feedback management and data-focused operational insights, today revealed an upgraded dashboard that allows restaurants to view, at a glance, more in-depth and actionable menu-item level insights that help them make key decisions around LTO promotion, menu optimization, marketing budget allocation and closing operational gaps.

With the newly upgraded dashboard, restaurant leadership, operators, marketer and culinary teams can look beyond the one-dimensional sales data, and understand the impact of each menu item or category on guest satisfaction, likelihood to return or recommend, order accuracy and more. This way, restaurants can have a true, complete understanding of menu performance beyond sales volume, which often fails to indicate how guests truly feel about each item and their execution. Now inside Tattle, restaurant managers can cross reference sales data with metrics that measure item-specific guest sentiment and operational performance, such as:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Order accuracy
  • Food quality
  • Speed of service
  • Likelihood to return / recommend
  • Incident rate
  • Day part / ordering channel
  • Etc.

“We received overwhelmingly positive responses to the launch of our Menu Item Level Feedback feature last year, and have been carefully listening to our partners’ feedback ever since for improvement opportunities,” said Alex Beltrani, CEO and founder of Tattle. “We’re so excited to unveil the upgraded Item Level Feedback dashboard with more robust analytics charts, more actionable filtering options and more engaging dashboard interactions to tell a comprehensive story about each item on the menu. Our goal is to help restaurant partners make informed, confident and data-backed menu and operations decisions that will predictably deliver results in traffic, retention and revenue.”

The platform can automatically collect menu item level feedback for restaurants in two ways: deep product linking through POS / ordering provider integrations, and receipt scanning whereby guests can upload a photo of their receipt and have the survey automatically populate ordered items through image recognition. The seamless user experience gives Tattle surveys an exceptionally high completion rate (~94.7%), which translates to high-velocity, statistically reliable guest sentiment data for restaurants.

“We use Tattle data to understand what sandwiches people like the most, come back for the most, not just order the most,” said Casey Hilder, Director of Marketing at Starbird Chicken. “I was surprised by the number of responses we got, and the feedback data helped us understand how people experience our food differently by each ordering channel, so that we can meet their expectations with high-level execution.”

With Tattle’s Item Level Feedback, Starbird Chicken successfully relaunched their chicken sandwich category, using guest sentiment and operations performance data to guide each key decision, including portion size, ingredient sourcing, meal packaging and marketing imagery. This scientific, data-driven process allowed the popular chicken brand to achieve predictable success with their new menu every step of the way.

Beyond the Menu Item Level Feedback capabilities, 11,000+ restaurant locations already use Tattle to collect guest sentiment data for closing operational gaps, identifying top opportunities in guest experience, benchmarking and coaching location-level teams and optimizing operational processes. Some of Tattle’s restaurant partners include Chili’s, Cava, MOD Pizza, Hooters, Dave’s Hot Chicken and more.

Tattle is an AI-driven, customer feedback technology platform built with an open API that simplifies the guest feedback process. Using proprietary algorithms, Tattle measures satisfaction across all ordering channels and makes recommendations for highly-impactful improvements to operational areas across restaurant locations in order to drive the greatest possible increase in guest satisfaction.

Additional Tattle integration benefits include:

  • Omni-channel guest satisfaction measurement across Dine-In, Takeout, Delivery, Drive-Thru, and Curbside
  • 10% average guest feedback penetration and a 94.7% survey completion rate of a 50-60 question survey
  • Review management to monitor, analyze and respond to all public reviews within one dashboard
  • Causation-based survey format to identify factors, i.e. Topping Distribution, that negatively impact an operational category, i.e. Accuracy
  • Leverages AI to identify and recommend high-impact operational categories for improvement across each location
  • Automated location-level Monthly Objectives that results in 84% probability of guest satisfaction increase
  • Incident Management System for recovering 1 in 3 guests with email templates and automation
  • Menu Item Level Feedback to understand guest sentiment and operational performance at a menu category or item level

For more information on Tattle’s Review Management feature, visit Tattle’s website.

Tattle is the only Customer Experience Improvement (CXI) platform built to help the hospitality industry by collecting actionable feedback data by interacting with their customers where they make transactions. With brand partners including Chili’s, Cava, MOD Pizza, Hooters and Dave’s Hot Chicken, Tattle supports 220+ leading hospitality brands across 11,000+ locations globally. Using existing third-party tools and API integrations, Tattle connects brands with their guests at every touch point of the customer journey. Through their AI, Tattle recommends the most opportunistic operational area for improvement at each of our partners’ locations to drive the greatest increase in guest satisfaction.

To view menu item level insights details, please visit: https://get.tattleapp.com/item-level-feedback/.