Techknow Inc. Unveils New 15″ Order Confirmation System

Techknow Inc. Unveils New 15" Order Confirmation SystemAnnounces Company President Richard Elliott

Techknow Inc. Unveils New 15" Order Confirmation SystemTechknow Inc. made two major announcements this month concerning the company’s management and new product offering. Under the leadership of its new President Richard Elliott, Techknow is launching the 15” Order Confirmation System (OCS), termed the OCS 150. In the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, this digital screen for drive-thru is advanced for several reasons:

  • The OCS 150
    • is designed to fit into most competitors’ pedestals;
    • coupled with TEMS enterprise management software, the OCS 150 becomes a real-time digital merchandising platform, enabling the restaurant to analyze promotion effectiveness and to increase average ticket value;
    • uses the same Linux operating system & cooling technology that Techknow is known for;
    • has 1500 NIT display (can be installed in portrait or landscape mode);
    • has TOPS software, enabling remote management of the device and reducing operational expense;
    • uses Techknow’s patented image placement of items ordered
    • the display is designed to include messaging;
    • for more information:

Additionally, Techknow offers the OCS 300”

  • The OCS 300”
    • Techknow 17” 1500 NIT liquid crystal display has been produced since 1993;
    • expanded views allows up to 24 lines of text, eliminating the need for scrolling on long orders and maximizing space for promotions or suggestive sell items.

Techknow’s 15″ OCS 150 Specsheet

Techknow Inc. Unveils New 15" Order Confirmation System

Techknow President Richard Elliot

“Techknow is known for its analytical software and extremely reliable hardware. Today’s launch of the OCS150 is just the beginning of our exciting expansion plans,” said Techknow President Richard Elliott. “Techknow has turned a reliable piece of hardware into a digital merchandising platform with analytics that are being used to optimize drive-thru performance. Stay tuned, there is more to come.”

“This very important phase of Techknow’s expansion is a perfect fit for our new President Rick Elliott,” said Techknow CEO Stephen Locke. “His background and emphasis in technology and the QSR industry will help us achieve considerable brand awareness and business growth.”

Techknow President Richard Elliott brings more than 25 years of extensive experience in marketing, sales and product development. Since 2001, he has worked in various executive, development and sales and marketing positions for Panasonic. Most recently, he served as Director for Panasonic in the food services division. He earned a BS in production management from Louisiana Tech University.

Founded in 1993, Techknow develops and manufactures hardware, including order confirmation boards (OCBs), drive-thru timers and software solutions for drive-thru operations in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry in national and international markets.