The Big Salad Launches Small Victories Campaign

The Big Salad Launches Small Victories Campaign

Small is the new big. The Big Salad launched its Small Victories campaign on January 1, to promote the achievements that are realized each and every day but often go unnoticed. These victories can include eating a healthy meal, exercising, finishing a novel, or trudging to work on a snowy day.

The Big Salad Launches Small Victories Campaign
John Bornoty, The Big Salad Founder and President.

“Small Victories is about rewarding people for the small accomplishments of everyday life, whether it’s eating right or just getting the laundry done,” explains The Big Salad Founder and President John Bornoty. “The point is to take a moment to celebrate the little things in life that lead to big changes.”

The Small Victory Mission:  With every task completed, every act of kindness shared, and every dream followed, a Small Victory is realized. At The Big Salad, we believe happiness is achieved one Small Victory at a time.

“At The Big Salad, we want to build more than a great salad, we want to be part of building great communities,” Bornoty explains. “Being part of great communities takes effort and commitment – we launched the Small Victories campaign as a sort of community esprit de corps.”

Customers are joining the Small Victories campaign in a big way — sharing their Small Victory in person at one of the five locations – Ann Arbor, Grosse Pointe Woods, Novi, Royal Oak and Troy; on The Big Salad website; and using social media on the company’s Facebook page, or with Twitter using @BigSalad and/or the hashtag #smallvictory.

Some Small Victories customers are sharing:

  • A small beagle from a canine rescue we were working with, ran into traffic on a busy highway. He was hit by a car and couldn’t get up. My wife ran into the street, in heavy traffic, and picked up the beagle to bring to safety. The next car would have killed the beagle. Farmington Hills
  • Won a hockey tournament.  West Bloomfield
  • 3 wks lots of veggies & lean protein, no sugar, whole grains & my jeans are baggy – feel great, not hungry – bikini this summer?   Birmingham
  • My husband & I have been enjoying fresh made salads. I pick them up to take home. We are committed to eating healthy!  South Lyon
  • Keeping my New Year’s resolution alive!  Novi
  • Our family room flooded a week before Christmas. We have endured weeks of recovery and repair. Now we have our room back. We now have a place to enjoy our Big Salads on Friday nights.

“The Small Victories campaign is off to a great start,” Bornoty says.  “We’re looking forward to sharing more small victories with our customers and of course, rewarding everyone with a big salad!”

Since opening its first location in 2008, The Big Salad has allowed people to make their meal their own. Through thoughtful planning, The Big Salad chefs are equipped to prepare more than 17 million possible iceberg, romaine or spinach salad combinations for customers right at the point of purchase with a choice of 40 toppings and 30 dressings. Additionally, The Big Salad offers a plethora of fresh sandwich and soup options, as well as putting any salad into a wrap. Currently, The Big Salad can be found in Ann Arbor, Grosse Pointe Woods, Novi, Royal Oak and Troy. The restaurant chain has plans to open 200 stores in strategically located metro areas across the country within the next 10 years. Learn more at