The Dolly Llama Goes Vegan-Friendly in Partnership With Craig’s Vegan

The Dolly Llama introduces new vegan-friendly desserts, four new vegan ice cream flavors, and pints to-go through new partnership with Los Angeles-based Craig's Vegan.
The Dolly Llama introduces new vegan-friendly desserts, four new vegan ice cream flavors, and pints to-go through new partnership with Los Angeles-based Craig’s Vegan.

Customers Can Now Select From Four Cashew Milk-Based Ice Cream Flavors, Vegan Shakes, and More at the Los Angeles-Based Dessert Waffle & Artisanal Ice Cream Concept

The Dolly Llama Goes Vegan-Friendly in Partnership With Craig's VeganThe Dolly Llama, the popular waffle concept that currently dominates the Los Angeles dessert-scene with its own unique take on Hong Kong’s iconic Bubble Waffle, recently partnered with fellow Los Angeles favorite Craig’s Vegan to offer several new, vegan-friendly dessert options. Customers can now select from four cashew milk-based ice cream flavors, order a vegan shake made with Craig’s ice cream and almond milk, or take a pint of Craig’s to-go. For the first time, The Dolly Llama’s traditional ice cream flavors will be available for purchase in pints, as well.

“The Dolly Llama was created to provide customers from all walks of life with an authentic, unique, and enjoyable dessert experience,” said Co-Founder Eric Shomof. “We knew that in order to be truly inclusive, especially as a Los Angeles-based brand, we wanted to offer a selection of vegan dessert options to be accommodating towards all dietary preferences. We are thrilled to have found a like-minded partner in Craig’s, which offers vegan products that deliver the quality and taste that The Dolly Llama is known for.”

Through this partnership, customers of The Dolly Llama can select from any of Craig’s four 100% vegan, cashew-milk based ice cream flavors when creating their own dessert:

  • Sunset & Strawberry: Crafted using Craig’s famous cashew milk ice cream foundation, this flavor delivers a symphony of tangy and sweet notes using a hand-crafted strawberry puree that is natural in color and completely preservative-free.
  • Killa’ Vanilla: Craig’s reinvents their beloved vanilla-flavored ice cream by using a delicious cashew milk alternative that’s loaded it with nostalgic notes of ancient Madagascar vanilla bean that’s churned into a soft and creamy infusion
  • Melrose Mint Chip: Craig’s famous cashew milk ice cream foundation with cooling sensations of peppermint matched harmoniously with organic bittersweet dark chocolate flakes.
  • Kursten’s PB Krunch: Craig’s landmark flavor, named after its creator Chef Kursten, is churned to perfection with an organic peanut butter base, organic cocoa butter and vanilla, then finished with bitter-sweet dark chocolate chunks.

“We are thrilled to be part of The Dolla Llama’s offerings, both on the menu and to-go in pints,” said Craig’s Vegan Founder, Craig Susser. “There’s truly no better partnership than two brands that are both passionate about offering the very best!”

“We’ve always encouraged our customers to ‘go nuts,’ and with these new additions to our menu, thanks to our new partnership with Craig’s Vegan, their options are now truly limitless, regardless of dietary preference. We are excited to see the new ways our customers will allow their creativity and indulgence to run wild,” added Shomof.

The Southern California waffle and artisanal ice cream concept was established in 2017 as a destination for families, shoppers, students, and tourists alike. Since its inception, The Dolly Llama has dominated the Los Angeles waffle scene with its original take on authentic European flavors and techniques, such as Belgian waffles using traditional methods, and the Hong Kong Bubble Waffle prepared with a special batter that produces a unique crispy and custard-like texture. The brand’s iconic logo and unparalleled aesthetic flair helped cement their status as Los Angeles’ hottest dessert destination.

Their four unique waffle styles, OG Liege Waffle, Waffle Stick, Bubble Waffle, and Bubble Waffle Jr, are the base of the interactive menu of ‘Top Picks’ waffle and ice cream desserts, ice cream waffle sandwiches, waffle sticks, and shakes. Their ‘Build Your Own’ menu allows customers to  “go nuts” with unlimited toppings (24 varieties) resulting in endless flavor possibilities and combinations.

The Dolly Llama currently operates three locations in greater Los Angeles. For more information and future announcements follow the brand on Instagram at @thedollyllama_la and Facebook at @TheDollyLlamaLA, or visit

The Dolly Llama was founded by real estate leader, Eric Shomof and Samuel Baroux, an acclaimed European entrepreneur and restaurateur who wanted to bring his passion for food and dessert to the states.  The name was inspired by a real llama Baroux encountered on a farm in the South of France, as a way to tie in some nostalgia from his home country.  Since its inception in 2017, The Dolly Llama has dominated LA’s waffle scene with its own unique take on the Bubble Waffle, Hong Kong’s #1 street food in addition to Dolly Llama Shakes, Waffle Sticks, and OG Waffles and aims to prove that all waffles don’t need syrup.  The Dolly Llama currently operates locations in Downtown Los Angeles (611 S. Spring St), Koreatown (273 S. Western Ave), and Sherman Oaks (14545 Ventura Blvd).  For more information visit

Craig Susser is the owner and operator of Craig’s restaurant, the iconic Los Angeles-based eatery known for its electric menu covering everything from steak to vegan specialties since opening in January 2011. After receiving countless non-dairy dessert requests from restaurant regulars, he and Chef Kursten Kizer created “Craig’s Vegan,” a cashew-based frozen dessert line that offers popular flavors like ‘Kurstens PB Krunch’ and ‘Melrose Mint Chip.’ The line officially launched in March 2019 and can be found in the freezers of family kitchens, A-List celebrities, wellness gurus and basically anyone who loves delicious desserts that just so happen to be 100% vegan. For more information visit