The Egg & I Restaurants Launch a Newly Re-engineered Menu

The Egg & I Restaurants Launch a Newly Re-engineered Menu
Vera Cruz Chicken & Avocado Omelette
The Egg & I Restaurants Launch a Newly Re-engineered MenuCentennial, CO based The Egg & I Restaurants announce the launch of its newly re-engineered menu in restaurants throughout the U.S.

Following six months of extensive testing in Colorado, Tennessee and Texas, The Egg & I Restaurants recently introduced its newly re-engineered menu nationally. This is the first re-engineered menu developed under the guidance of Jan Barnett, the brand’s vice president of marketing, and Doug Czufin, its director of culinary. Initial testing resulted in strong increases in both average check and gross margin. These increases came primarily as a result of the newly created “Favorites” category where several of the brand’s top-selling items are positioned in the some of the most visible real estate on the menu.

“Prior to re-engineering, our menu was very democratic with too many lower-selling items making it operationally difficult to execute and cumbersome to navigate especially for new guests,” said Doug Czufin, director of culinary for The Egg & I Restaurants. “Guests can continue to order more traditional entrees like Eggs Benedict and Biscuit & Gravy or they can select from more unique entrees listed in our new “Favorites” category including the Parisian Benedict, Santa Fe Huevos and the Vera Cruz Chicken & Avocado Omelette. The entrees repositioned into our new “Favorites” category have ranked among the brand’s top sellers for years. During testing, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of guests ordering from the newly created “Favorites” category which had the added benefit of making our kitchens easier to operate. If the shift to this category continues following the launch of this new menu nationally, it will have a significant impact on average check and gross margin.”

Removing lower selling entrees from the menu was also a priority to make room for new entrée options to keep the menu fresh for the brand’s large percentage of heavy users who visit The Egg & I in excess of ten times per month. One addition is the Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble made with egg whites scrambled with chicken apple sausage, fresh mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, spinach and topped with Gouda cheese. Weighing in at only 485 calories for the entire meal, which also includes fresh fruit and an English muffin, this entrée is listed in the “Smarter Choices” category of the menu. Featured on the lunch menu is the brand’s new 3-Cheese Veggie Flatbread topped with sautéed asparagus, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes and Havarti dill cheese. Every entree on the breakfast and lunch menu is available all day, every day.

Founded in 1987, The Egg & I is a leading concept in the full-service breakfast and lunch segment of the restaurant industry with over 100 restaurants in 19 states. Guests love The Egg & I for its comfortable and friendly experience that features outstanding food in a place that feels like home. The majority of The Egg & I Restaurants are open from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on weekends. Private meeting rooms are available at most locations. Technomic, the leading research firm serving the food industry, ranked The Egg & I Restaurants the twelfth fastest growing chain in the U.S. and the third fastest growing full-service restaurant. FSR magazine recently ranked the brand among the top franchise values in the U.S. today. For further information, visit