The Franchise Grade Top 500 Released

The Franchise Grade Top 500 Released has published The Franchise Grade Top 500 for 2016. Unlike other franchise rankings The Top 500 is compiled from an analysis of over 2,387 franchise disclosure documents utilizing’s proprietary Franchise Performance Index. The FPI is a data tool used to determine the relative grade of each qualifying franchise system. It uses a number of critical variables that relate to actual franchise system performance and the overall health ofeach franchise system. Top 500 franchises qualify for the “Made the Grade” program where participants are represented as a Healthy Franchise Investment to prospective franchisees that visit the website. Click here to see the Top 500

At, we are engaged in groundbreaking work. We compare and grade franchise systems for their investment value.

The franchise data gathered by can be used to analyze, evaluate and explain a wide range of business activities within the franchise industry. Our franchise assessment, grading and standardized reporting tools provide industry stakeholders and investors with important data driven metrics to support the growth of successful franchise systems.

Our core strength is in analyzing, interpreting and presenting the data as useful information. In this way, our data helps prospective franchisees find the best franchise investments, franchisors improve performance, franchisee associations advocate for their interests and institutional investors find their next successful acquisition. You have the ability to make smart business decisions in a timely manner using our data.