The Importance of Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Dining Space

The Importance of Your Restaurant's Outdoor Dining Space

The Importance of Your Restaurant's Outdoor Dining SpaceCOVID-19 has amplified the importance of having an outdoor dining space at your restaurant. Restaurants have had to limit their indoor seating, but they can maximize their capacity with an outdoor patio space by increasing the restaurants outdoor dining. When the weather becomes inclement, though, outdoor patios cannot be used, unless there is a retractable enclosure. Roll-A-Cover’s restaurant retractable roofs allow for year-round use of a restaurant’s outdoor patio space. With just the push of a button, Roll-A-Cover’s retractable roofs open and close. Therefore, the patio space is usable regardless of the weather! With a motorized roof, restaurants never lose revenue on their outdoor patio space. Adding more seating to your restaurant by using your outdoor space can increase your revenue by 30%! Having a Roll-A-Cover retractable patio enclosure will allow you to maximize your revenue during the winter months and rainy days.

The WOW Factor:

Additionally, the glass retractable roof provides a WOW factor that leaves patrons in awe of the state-of-the-art outdoor enclosure system. Diners love to enjoy an outdoor ambiance and will be able to do so when the room is both open and closed. Restaurants should also keep in mind that Roll-A-Cover’s commercial restaurant patio enclosures help generate better reviews, which helps generate more customers! Reviewers often talk about a restaurant’s retractable roof, just look at Yelp! The experience is a crucial component of restaurant dining and our glass roofs create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Year-round outdoor dining means year-round bookings for private parties and events when these events can happen again. Guests never have to worry about having to cancel if the weather is inclement. This is a huge added benefit of having a retractable enclosure and will also help increase the amount of bookings you receive.

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The Importance of Your Restaurant's Outdoor Dining Space

Roll-A-Cover, International is America’s largest manufacturer of trackless retractable enclosure products. When the weather becomes inclement you will quickly and easily be able to close your retractable enclosure and still be able to utilize your outdoor area. This allows your customers to be outdoors or indoors rather than having a permanent structure year-round. Roll-A-Cover has earned 14 North American awards for its retractable enclosure products and is continuing to cover restaurant patios, rooftops, and swimming pools across the globe. Don’t waste valuable outdoor dining space and lose money. Generate revenue year-round with a Roll-A-Cover retractable enclosure or retractable roof system. For more information, please visit, call 866-393-7292, or email You can also follow us on social media @rollacover!

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