The IMSC announces the FIRST online Video Mystery Shopping Training

The Independent Mystery Shoppers’ Coalition announces the FIRST ever Video Mystery Shopping course available online. Under cover Video Shopping is the most innovative and clear cut type of mystery shopping in the world. Be a part of it now! The IMSC Video Mystery Shopping Certification course has been designed to teach mystery shoppers everything they need to know to start their successful video mystery shopping business.

The course will go over the different scenarios; how to build your persona; how to keep track of your shops; how to track follow-up; how to find jobs; what the key elements of a successful shop are; what may get a shop rejected; and more. It will also go over the technical aspects of the jobs, such as the equipment most commonly used; how to upload shops; how to move your body for the best possible shots; how to troubleshoot common issues; and much more.

The IMSC Video Mystery Shopping Certification course is offered at the low cost of $75.00. Once rented, the course is yours for 30 full days; this is just $2.50 per day, less than a cup of Starbucks coffee and it will give you much more in return for your money.

The IMSC is committed to mystery shoppers. We are the only mystery shopper support organization. We are independent from all mystery shopping companies. It is our mission to improve the industry through educational information. The educational information comes from a variety of sources that are well versed on a particular subject.

To learn more about the IMSC, becoming a mystery shopper and “Video Shopping”, visit their website at If you are looking for the right mystery shopping company for your restaurant email them; and they will guide you to the perfect mystery shopping company.