The New Miami Subs Grill’s Sales Outperform National Restaurant Average in the First Quarter 2014

The New Miami Subs Grill's Sales Outperform National Restaurant Average in the First Quarter 2014

Florida’s iconic fast-casual franchise tops industry average in sales and transactions for March and Q1, even when compared to regions not affected by harsh winter weather

On the heels of announcing its new brand extension, Miami Grill, The New Miami Subs Grill shares that it has outperformed the national restaurant average for the first quarter of 2014 and for the month of March in both sales and transactions. While the harsh weather of this past winter does explain low numbers in some states, The New Miami Subs Grill even outperformed the average in regions such as Texas and the West that were not impacted by winter weather, according to a report published in Nation’s Restaurant News compiled by “Restaurant Industry Snapshot” from Black Box Intelligence and People Report data.

“These numbers are a testament to the work that The New Miami Subs Grill has done over the past year to reinvigorate our brand, renovate our restaurants and get the word out to the public about our exciting plans for the future,” says CEO Richard Chwatt. “We look forward to improving upon these numbers in coming months and quarters, especially with the rollout of our new Miami Grill brand.”

This past March, industry sales were up +.7% from March 2013, while Miami Subs sales were up +7.44%; for Q1, industry sales were down (.2%) versus up +7.48% for Miami Subs. In terms of transactions, the industry was down (1.2%) from March 2013, while Miami Subs was up +4.13%; for Q1, industry transactions were down (2.2%) from last year, whereas Miami Subs was up +4.16%.

Weather had a significant impact in the Northeast and Midwest on sales and transactions. The best-performing regions that weren’t impacted by the weather were Texas, the Western Region and Florida, with the Western Region performing the best. Yet, Miami Subs still significantly out-performed the Western Region. For Q1 sales, the Western Region was up +2.7% while Miami Subs was up +7.48%. For Q1 transactions, the Western Region was up +.3% and Miami Subs was up +4.16%.

The New Miami Subs Grill hopes to build on this momentum with the launch of Miami Grill, which will open domestically and internationally, part of the brand evolution taking shape at the corporation. Miami Grill restaurants will serve the full brand menu along with breakfast, beer, wine and Dom Perignon champagne.

The announcement follows several recent brand developments, including international music sensation and entrepreneur Pitbull proclaiming his equity partnership in the brand; the introduction of new restaurants inspired aesthetically by the city of Miami; and plans for aggressive domestic and global expansion. International expansion deals include Guyana, New Zealand, Malaysia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Domestically, The New Miami Subs Grill recently announced plans for additional new restaurants in South Florida, Hawaii and Dallas. All of the new restaurants will launch as Miami Grill. Additionally, Oh! Miami Grill brand extensions are in the works for large venue footprints, featuring full bar and grill environments and a more bistro-style concept.

Having pioneered the term “fast casual” upon launching in 1988, Miami Grill prides itself on fresh, made-to-order food, served at moderate prices. Signature menu items include Philly cheesesteaks, wings, salads, grilled chicken dishes, fresh Angus steak burgers, hot and cold subs, gyros and pitas. All dishes are cooked to order for dine-in, takeout, catering or delivery customers.

The New Miami Subs Grill, a South Florida company, has been serving great food for more than 20 years with the first true Miami Subs restaurant opening in 1988. The iconic fast-casual franchise chain, beloved by fans worldwide, has grown to become Florida’s largest regional sub and grill chain, featuring world-famous Philly cheesesteaks, wings, gyros and fresh Angus steak burgers. Delivery and breakfast are available in select locations. The New Miami Subs Grill currently has locations in Florida, South Carolina and Guyana, with new locations slated for Hawaii, Dallas, New Zealand, Malaysia and throughout the Middle East. With the announcement of new equity partner, international music sensation Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull, the South Florida staple is in growth mode and in the midst of aggressive expansion efforts, both domestically and abroad. For franchising and other information, visit or follow @MiamiSubs on Twitter and Facebook at

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