Through Innovative Advertising Strategy, New Marketing Company Proves Print Isn’t Dead for Business Owners – Hotel Guests Are the Key

Through Innovative Advertising Strategy, New Marketing Company Proves Print Isn't Dead for Business Owners - Hotel Guests Are the Key

Have you ever checked into a hotel and asked the people at the front desk for a good recommendation?

Capture Those Travelers, LLC has found the key to do just what their name says — capturing travelers — for local businesses. By working with nearby hotels, companies are able to gain access to a previously off-limits traffic stream of local customers.

Here’s how it works: A business puts their advertisement directly on the room key cards that hotel guests receive at check-in. The most effective of these key card ads typically includes the business placing a special promotion and unique call-to-action, which work together to provide a privileged feel guests can redeem and enjoy.

This method of advertising is unique in that it influences hotel guests several times per day without them even realizing it. Why it works: According to Capture Those Travelers‘ website, hotel guests:

  • Are A Captive Audience
  • 96% Of Hotel Guests Go Out To Eat Or Will Order In
  • View Their Key Cards 6-10 Times Per Day On Average
  • Spend An Average of $144 Per Day
  • Carry Their Room Key Cards Everywhere They Go

It is for these reasons that major companies like GrubHub and OpenTable have begun making more marketing efforts aimed toward hotel guests as a key demographic.

According to GrubHub, hotel takeout orders have jumped 125% within the past three years, with hotel diners spending an average of 11% more than non-hotel visitors when dining out.

But it’s not just the rise of the convenience economy that’s contributing to major players, like GrubHub, seeking co-marketing with major hotels.  According to recent findings from Temple University consumer neuroscience researchers, print advertising meet or beat digital advertising in 8 out of 9 categories meant to determine ad effectiveness.

Additionally, print advertising also ranked higher in triggering the part of the brain most closely associated with ‘purchase intent’ in subjects, indicating they would be more inclined to purchase something that is displayed on something tangible rather than digital.

In closing, it is easy to see why hotel guest marketing has become more of a talking point in recent months. The nice thing is that hotel guests also need a wide array of services besides just food and drink, such as entertainment, auto repairs, car rentals and transportation, salon and spa, retail, etc., the effectiveness of this marketing method can be far more versatile than one might think.

Capture Those Travelers, LLC is an innovative travel industry marketing company based in Vancouver, Washington that offers direct response marketing services. With thousands of hotel partnerships across the country, and advertising contracts with the nation’s largest companies, Capture Those Travelers provides today’s businesses an affordable and effective way to increase brand exposure with a key demographic for local businesses – local visitors.