Trendystia Introduces ConciergeVertical to Boost Foodservice Purveyor Marketing, Engagement

Trendystia Introduces ConciergeVertical to Boost Foodservice Purveyor Marketing, Engagement

National restaurant consultancy based in D.C. adds marketing solutions, business services and trade-show support for purveyors and technologists

Trendystia MRC has introduced the ConciergeVertical Labs solution for the benefit of emerging and established foodservice purveyors and technology vendors. ConciergeVertical provides content management, business support services, trade show marketing & administrative support, and as an idea vertical [lab]. When industry purveyors want to sell, engage audiences and retain customers, they’ll look to ConciergeVertical ( for improved success rates.

“ConciergeVertical is an effective solution when foodservice purveyors and technologists want to connect the dots between their products and major industry trends and application,” says Rick Zambrano, Trendystia’s founder. “As I’ve been talking to foodservice purveyors and technologists, one thing has become clear: Often, there isn’t enough time or headcount to keep the content engine going, to follow-up on all qualified leads, or to strategize outside-the-four-walls thinking around audience and customer engagement. This is particularly true with emerging and growing purveyors.”

In addition to marketing and business-support solutions, as an idea vertical [lab], ConciergeVertical helps catalyze new opportunities and industry-born thinking around marketing programs, sales tactics and new methods of engaging restaurateur audiences through its advisory.

ConciergeVertical makes boosting engagement simple:

ConciergeVertical Labs provides four main solution types, but is flexible as purveyor’s needs evolve:

  • Marketing solutions: content management, case studies, articles, blogs
  • Loyalty strategy and idea vertical: how to retain customers and better connect the dots between products, trends and application
  • Trade-show support: press releases, email campaigns, booth compliance, social selling
  • Business services: bookings, lead retrieval follow-up, temp marketing support

Foodservice purveyors find an innovative ‘concierge service’ to help them get ahead of the competition, and an unexpected one

“Previous content management and promotional work for vendors, as well as loyalty strategy for distributors is the genesis of the ConciergeVertical program,” adds Zambrano. “Activating these solutions for purveyors, including broadline distributors, suppliers, tech and equipment providers is of great benefit and highly effective as we move into the spring-summer conference trade-show season.”

Foodservice purveyors, including broadline distributors, suppliers, tech and equipment providers benefit from thoughtful, trend-based solutions and strategy to boost sales and engagement. Contact Trendystia’s ConciergeVertical Labs today by emailing or by calling 301.795.4978. You can reserve a complimentary consultation. Interested marketers, sales professionals and executives can download the tool-kit brochure at:

ConciergeVertical Labs provides marketing solutions, business support services and an idea vertical for foodservice purveyors. Through its solutions, foodservice purveyors, including technology vendors, can make amplify their audience engagement programs and foster loyalty in their client base.

Trendystia MRC helps multi-unit and multi-concept restaurant operators nationwide make the most of their menu planning, development and implementation processes. From its proprietary RoadMap7 trend-vetting & implementation methodology to food costing, menu rollout and training support, Trendystia’s highly-accessible menu management services and affordable rates make it a top choice for emerging and established restaurant companies, alike. Additionally, the firm serves as an advisory for customer engagement programs.