URESERV Surpasses 15 Million Guests Seated

URESERV Surpasses 15 Million Guests Seated

URESERV Surpasses 15 Million Guests SeatedURESERV, an online reservation management system, has seated its 15 millionth guest since its inception in 2012. The company offers online reservations as well as dynamic back-end table management for restaurants and dining facilities. It has a significant presence in every major city in the US and seven countries globally.

URESERV has proven successful in managing all food service venues including restaurants, stadium and arena dining, golf clubs and university dining halls. URESERV recently became the reservation system for the Boston Red Sox, serving private dining facilities in historic Fenway Park.

Founded by Boston restaurateur, Acquitaine Group partner Jeffrey Gates and engineering entrepreneur Van Garrett, URESERV was launched to be an economical reservation management system with premium offerings. The company has quietly advanced by word of mouth around the world, without taking VC funding.

“15 million seated is an exciting milestone for us. Hard work pays off, and I think that our clients recognize that URESERV really works for them,” said CEO Van Garrett. “We’ve had clients leave to try out the flashy features of other providers, only to return for our great service and affordability.”

“Restaurateurs are very deeply invested in their business, and URESERV offers a product that empowers them to be successful,” added URESERV Co-Founder Jeffrey Gates. “It is exciting to see what we’ve been able to do without VC funding or even a concerted marketing effort. The product speaks for itself.”

The company plans to continue growth into new markets, adapting its technology for application in many food service environments and anywhere reservations can be tracked.

URESERV is a premium online restaurant reservation and table management system. It was developed by a restaurant owner for restaurant owners to provide an affordable and robust solution to fulfill their online reservation and guest management needs.