WebWaitr Drives Mobile Commerce Momentum with New Platform Technology for Restaurants

WebWaitr Drives Mobile Commerce Momentum with New Platform Technology for Restaurants

WebWaitr offers a new solution for local restaurants to compete in the rapidly changing world of online ordering. This web-based platform will change the way consumers order takeout at their favorite restaurants.

The convenience of ordering through smart phones, tablets or computers from a restaurant has been primarily limited to large chain restaurants. The WebWaitr platform provides the same high-quality online or mobile experience that a large chain provides, but now tailored for local restaurants. WebWaitr creates an easy ordering experience for the end consumer – whether the order is placed through a computer, smart phone or tablet. Then the WebWaitr platform delivers the order seamlessly to the restaurant for fulfillment.

WebWaitr was founded by, developer and entrepreneur, Jarod Ferguson. A foodie at heart, Jarod loves to eat delicious takeout, even though the experience of ordering from local restaurants could leave a lot to be desired. He wanted to create a simple way to give local restaurants the ability to improve the takeout experience. Drawing from years of being in software development, Jarod decided to harness the power of the highest quality mobile commerce technology to create a way to help grow local restaurants because he knew that local restaurants may not be able to develop or support the necessary technology themselves.

The streamlined design was built for affordable simplicity, with the goal of creating a platform that is straightforward and uncomplicated to use for both the restaurant and the consumer. By enhancing the consumer’s interaction with the restaurant, WebWaitr connects local restaurants and customers in a new, fresh way that will lead to growth of local businesses.

To request a demo, sign up or for more information visit www.webwaitr.com.

Jarod Ferguson