Wendy’s Considers Closing up to 130 Restaurants

Wendy’s is still working on a major brand renovation to become slimmer and sleeker, which involves the modernization of its restaurants. The company revealed that it is considering shutting down as many as 130 locations that aren’t doing enough business to justify the costs of renovations. The Image Activation program started two years ago as a way to help Wendy’s boost their branding so they can be more prepared to take industry giants like Burger King and McDonald’s.

The program is on track to remodel at least half of the company owned stores by 2015, which totals about 300 locations. 58 stores have received the upgrades so far and 100 franchised locations will be covered during 2013. The program continues to gather steam as the executives review sales records and note the average 25% increase in sales experienced at the new stores. Wendy’s is reaching out to include franchisees in the deal now. Three tiers of remodeling and rebuilding are available to allow owners to choose how much they’re going to invest in their store. 25 new company owned locations and 40 franchise locations are also on the menu for opening this year.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch