What’s Cracking at Another Broken Egg Café for National Egg Month in May

What's Cracking at Another Broken Egg Café for National Egg Month in May

May is National Egg Month and Another Broken Egg Café is celebrating by offering guests the chance to win a $50 gift card by doing some egg-cracking guess work. In 2012, this award-winning breakfast, lunch and brunch restaurant franchise used approximately 2.5 million eggs, which is roughly 40,000 gallons, not including those incorporated into breads, waffle batter, and pancakes. So this year diners at each participating Another Broken Egg Cafés will have the opportunity to guess the number of eggs used at their favorite neighborhood location during the month of May. In early June, the number of eggs used at each restaurant will be tallied and the guest who entered the correct number, or closest to it at each location, will win a $50 gift card to be redeemed at the restaurant. To enter at a participating Another Broken Egg Café, guests must visit the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AnotherBrokenEggand be sure to enter the location they are guessing the number of eggs for the competition.

“Last year scrambled eggs were the most popular preparation at Another Broken Egg Café, which were ordered roughly 300,000 times. Omelettes followed and incorporated 330,000 eggs and Benedict fans ordered 130,000 poached eggs,” states Founder & President Ron Green. “In comparison for 2013, we are seeing a trending up of guests ordering lighter, with 70,000 eggs requested for whites only thus far. Currently we have 26 locations including the new Indianapolis Another Broken Egg Café opening on April 15th.”

Menu items range in price from $8 to $15, with all major credit cards accepted. Reservations can be made for parties of eight or more. The restaurant’s charming French country atmosphere sports a color scheme of warm reds and yellows infused with splashes of green and white, making it a great place to linger and enjoy a tempting breakfast cocktail. A Mimosa, Bellini, house-infused Mary and Absolute Fuzzy Navel are among the choices starting at $5.99.

Another Broken Egg Café serves from 7 A.M. through 2 P.M. seven days a week, closing only on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The restaurant offers 114 different menu choices including six varieties of Eggs Benedict, 11 different omelettes, including a Skinny Omelette, Belgian waffles, French toast, along with savory, unique burgers, hearty sandwiches and fresh salads. For more information about the history of Another Broken Egg Café and complete menus please visit. www.AnotherBrokenEgg.com.