Wholesale Plumbing Supply Offers Unique, Time-Saving Service to Cincinnati Area Restaurants

Innovative wholesale plumbing supplier, Withamsville Winnelson has developed a no-cost and time-saving service exclusively for the restaurant and food service industry.  This service is based on the recording or “mapping out”of any given store or facility’s plumbing products, faucets and fixtures.  This list is then saved and kept confidentially in house as a resource for the restaurant owner or his contractor to inquire upon and to order the correct product and its components with very little effort on their part.  All that’s required of the restaurant owner/manager is setting up an appointment with Withamsville Winnelsonand then letting their man do the rest!

Withamsville Winnelson is a plumbing wholesaler in Cincinnati that is part of the Winwholesale group of companies and was founded in 1997 as a resource for Eastern Cincinnati plumbers, contractors and maintenance organizations.  The company provides all types of plumbing material at a competitive price and is staffed by dedicated professionals and in recent years has leaned towards food service maintenance.  For more information or to set up an appointment, call Jeff Sexton or Ed Gilfilen at   513-753-1121.  You may also contact Jeff at his Email: Jpsexton@winnelson.com or Ed at: Egilfilen@winnelson.com.