Why Purchase New Restaurant Equipment?

Why Purchase New Restaurant Equipment?As restaurant managers, you are responsible for making sure all of the proverbial I’s are dotted and all of the T’s crossed. There might, however, be something that you’ve been ignoring in your kitchen for a while. While you’ve been paying diligent attention to your labor costs and cultivating your people skills, have you turned your attention to the equipment that you’ve got all around you?

Do you know when it’s time for new equipment? Here are some signs:

When you know your service tech by name

We’re not talking about the fact that you have a good memory. No, we’re talking about the fact that you’ve seen your service tech so often that you know her name, the names of her kids, and how much of your equipment repair costs are paying her wages.

When your equipment has a special ritual

You know the type of rituals that I’m talking about. You have to use two hands to do something that would ordinarily take one. You have to jiggle the handle just this way while you’re holding your mouth just that way. Not a good sign.

Nothing is calibrated right

The beaten up electric oven takes just a little bit longer. The refrigerator temperature dial is at its lowest setting just to keep up. The cooks are starting to complain about having to relearn to cook every week due to faulty equipment.

Any of the above can be signs that you need to purchase new equipment for your restaurant. Old equipment can cost you a lot of money in labor, energy, and time. Having ‘Old Bessie’ as your stove might be quaint and charming, but she might need to be put into the old stove’s home.

Sure, your chefs will have to get used to new equipment, but from a business perspective the advantages are many:

New warranties

Most new appliances come with warranties direct from the manufacturer. If you’ve been stuck with an expensive maintenance contract on your older equipment, you may be able to turn the tables back to your favor with new equipment, since parts and labor may be covered by the warranty.

Cooking becomes faster and cheaper

If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded, your chefs may be pleasantly surprised at how their cooking times can be improved by newer equipment. From a managerial perspective, newer equipment is also more energy efficient, especially if it has an Energy Star certification, and could immediately start paying back itself through a lower energy bill.

Morale Improvement

A lot of chefs, deep down inside (and sometimes not so deep down) are gadgetheads. They love to play with new equipment. Sometimes a newer appliance could inspire your chef. That imagination can inspire new dishes on the menu or better production methods.

When you purchase new equipment, you are getting a lot more than just new equipment. You are getting a new lease on life for your restaurant, one which can significantly improve the bottom line. If it has been a while since you’ve checked your equipment, pull up your service records and talk with your chefs about what hassles they’re experiencing in the back. You may be surprised.

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