You Can Now Manage Your Bar!

You Can Now Manage Your Bar!

DiningEdge is excited to announce a new Solution: BarEdge

You Can Now Manage Your Bar!BarEdge is an inventory management solution for all liquor, beer and wine. BarEdge is an enhancement to the DiningEdge solution or as a standalone solution.

BarEdge is an App that runs on Apple and Android devices. It allows you to easily count your inventory by case, full bottle or partial bottle.

Set-up your storages shelf to sheet or scan barcodes to count your inventory quickly and accurately. Our cloud-based technology allows multiple devices to count different storages at the same time and consolidate them into one inventory. Worry about unreliable internet connect no more! BarEdge works completely offline.

The DiningEdge unique algorithms calculate the volume in the bottles accurately. The software currently includes over 6000 bottles and is growing each day. You can also take and upload your own images.

Maxwell’s Chop House in New York City completed their second inventory this past weekend. They counted their reserve wine room, over 150 types of wine totaling over 550 bottles, in less than 10 minutes.

Melissa Malaga co owner of Maxwell’s Chop House, “DiningEdge Bar app allowed us to easily count our complete bar inventory in less than 2 hours… We are subscribing to their full solution with integration to our Aloha POS, we are now able to see variance on all of our products. DiningEdge was so easy to setup, I would recommend it to any restaurant and bar.”

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