Your Pie Marks Mid-Year Point with 49 New Stores in Development; 8.86 Percent Same-Store Sales Increase

Your Pie Marks Mid-Year Point with 49 New Stores in Development; 8.86 Percent Same-Store Sales Increase

During the past six months alone, the original down-the-line brick oven pizza concept has welcomed six new stores

Your Pie Marks Mid-Year Point with 49 New Stores in Development; 8.86 Percent Same-Store Sales IncreaseSince its inception in 2008, Your Pie has prided itself on being the original down-the-line brick oven pizza concept. But it’s not just their innovative spin on a classic that has helped them stand out over the years – Your Pie has never wavered from their commitment to traditional Italian pizza and regionally-sourced ingredients. Now, that commitment is paying off in a big way – Your Pie is emerging as a key player with staying power in a competitive industry: As the brand closes out its second quarter, they’re reveling in a same-store sales increase of nearly 9 percent over last year.

The first half of 2016 marked another important milestone for Your Pie – during the past six months alone, they’ve opened six new stores to their growing system crossing them over into 30-plus locations with 49 more in development.

“Our increase in sales and immense growth over the last year shows us two things. One, the craft pizza business is set to explode. And two, Your Pie is quickly emerging as a strong player in this booming category,” said Drew French, the Founder of Your Pie. “There are a lot of pizza places out there these days, but thanks to our regionally-sourced craft beer selection, unique toppings and true dedication to the art of pizza making, and commitment to community involvement, people realize we’re different – it’s really helped us come out on top in the past few years.”

During the first half of 2016, Your Pie has continued to grow, signing four stores in Augusta, Georgia; one store in Cumming, Georgia; one store in Charlotte, North Carolina; one store in Jackson, Mississippi; one store in Jacksonville, Florida; one store in Flagstaff, Arizona; one store in Denver, Colorado; one store in Raleigh, North Carolina; four stores in Nashville, Tennessee; one store in Waterloo, Iowa; and one store in Bluffton, South Carolina. In addition, Your Pie recently opened new stores in Clemson, South Carolina; Mesa, Arizona; Houston, Texas; Coral Springs, Florida; Covington, Georgia and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This growth marks a major leap for the brand. For years, most of its locations have been throughout the Southeast, but now, thanks to this new development, Your Pie is entering into untapped territory – proving that Your Pie is a universal concept that will appeal to just about anyone with an appreciation for pizza.

“People want fresh, they want customized and they want to control their experience. Our dedication to hand-crafted food, a quality dining experience, and community improvement spoke for itself when we first opened in 2008, even though our concept was among the first to market,” French said. “People quickly realized that you really can have it all – convenience and a superior pizza. And that’s something that speaks to a lot of people – whether that’s in Georgia and Mississippi or Colorado and Texas.”

As Your Pie continues in its mission to become a globally-admired brand, it is looking to grow the Your Pie family with passionate people who want to improve their communities by changing the way people experience pizza.

“In the end, it’s more important that we focus on growing the right way – not growing just to grow. That starts with our franchisees – our best ambassadors are the local guys who live and breathe their community,” said French. “At the end of the day, our success will not only be noticeable, but sustainable.”

Your Pie is the world’s originator of the quick-serve, brick-oven, customized personal pizza category. A culinary entrepreneur since his teenage years, Your Pie founder Drew French combined his passion for innovative restaurant concepts with brick oven technology to create the highest quality pizza available at incredible speed. Drawing from family recipes from the island of Ischia, Your Pie uses hand-tossed dough, only fresh ingredients, homemade pizza sauces and salad dressings, and offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free pizzas, as well as traditional pizzas. Customers who dine at Your Pie have come to expect the best tasting pizza served with speed without sacrificing flavor. Your Pie is a state of mind and the brand stands by its motto to “express your inner pizza”, investing in local communities and encouraging diners to let their culinary creativity run wild. For more information about Your Pie or franchising opportunities, please visit