Zapper Lands 42 Dairy Queen Locales in Texas

Zapper Lands 42 Dairy Queen Locales in TexasLynn Lee, LLC, a Dairy Queen franchisee in south Texas with 42 locations has just selected Zapper, the leading global mobile marketing and payment app for restaurants, for activation in all of their Dairy Queen locations.

Robert Sullivan, VP of National Accounts for Zapper noted, “Zapper has 12,000 locations in 13 countries using our solution. Zapper’s newest market is the US. We are excited to have Dairy Queen on-board, as it is an internationally recognized brand. This partnership represents a great step in Zapper’s rapid expansion into the US market.” The Zapper system is being rolled out in November at all of these south Texas DQ locations.

Sullivan said the deal all came about from the recent news story about Zapper obtaining the 67-unit HPH Hospitality Group in Manhattan. “DQ’s Consulting CEO, Kai Wulff, noticed that press release and was intrigued.” He said Wulff, who was Access Field Development Director at Google, was deeply involved in the customer experience research and next generation communication, trading and payment systems. Wulff saw the mobile payment and marketing opportunities which Zapper offers. DQ International authorized the deal.

Wulff is equally excited about the rollout of Zapper not just from a mobile payment standpoint but to engage the customer as well. “In today’s world, people want more than FAN Food, they want an experience that is seamlessly integrating into their mobile lifestyle. With Zapper’s road map and the ideas we will implement using Zapper, dining at any of our locations will be fun, easy, casual, and rewarding,” Wulff stated.

What’s more, Sullivan said Zapper has an open API allowing their solution to be deep-linked into other mobile applications. Currently, Zapper and a third-party developer are working to gamify coupons for Generation Z. “These are the kids after the Millennials who have never known the world without smartphones. We want to engage them by not only giving them a coupon to use for a Blizzard at DQ but to make it fun for them – to gamify the coupon.” Zapper will do a marketing campaign in Texas to increase consumer awareness of this rollout. In the future, Zapper may be phased in at many more DQ’s internationally.

Launched their first US market in early 2015. Zapper specializes in mobile payment, loyalty, and marketing solutions for restaurants and is in restaurants across the U.S. Zapper is in over 6,500 restaurants worldwide. The Zapper app is free to download for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. FMI, please visit,