Zapper Mobile Payment App Launches In-App Loyalty Cards

Zapper Mobile Payment App Launches In-App Loyalty CardsZapper Mobile Payment App Launches In-App Loyalty Cards

Zapper, the rapidly growing mobile payment app, has been igniting the restaurant industry for the last 18 months in the US. The company is now launching its in-app loyalty card to automatically earn rewards with every payment, thus enabling diners worldwide to ditch their credit cards completely. Zapper’s new upgrade to its all-in-one marketing platform makes this very simple for restauranteurs worldwide using its solution.

Charlie Crebs, General Manager of Napa Palisades Saloon, says he is really excited to launch Zapper’s new in-app loyalty system. “Without marginal costs from printed loyalty cards and with the integration into our Point-of-Sale system, Zapper’s digital loyalty system means lower cost and easier management of our loyalty program,” Crebs said. With this simple and automated process, Crebs stated customers are instantly rewarded and “we can quickly check the status of each card in the Zapper portal to avoid any confusion and discrepancies.”

Zapper’s mobile app users already love being able to quickly pay via QR code on their bill, redeem vouchers, and give immediate feedback on their dining experience. Yet, many do find their wallets may still have loyalty cards. Many Zapper merchants have even started utilizing a ‘fast lane’ approach, accepting only Zapper payments, to help boost line speed at busy times as well as increase staff efficiency.

Profitable restauranteurs know consumers are becoming more tech-savvy. RetailMeNot found almost 1/3rd of people use their smartphones to hunt for deals and incentives before dining out. Thus, targeted offers and loyalty programs are key ways to encourage repeat visits, create habits, and reward customers for dining. Zapper’s seamless new upgrade to its all-in-one marketing platform simplifies this for businesses around the globe using its solution.

The growth in smartphone use has driven significant changes in customer behavior and presents a huge opportunity to businesses. Per the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report with VISA, 57% of their members would like to engage with loyalty programs through mobile phone. 3C’s revealed that 60% of consumers make more visits/purchases monthly because of a mobile enabled loyalty program. Zapper gives businesses a smart way to both automatically know more about their customers and reward loyalty to encourage future spending via in-app rewards, messaging, push notifications, loyalty (both points-based and visits-based), and beacon technology.

Zapper’s marketing service features for restaurants and customers include the following:

  • Zapper is the only comprehensive mobile marketing app to provide a completely autonomous payment option for the consumer while acting as a SKU-level data aggregator for the merchant
  • The Loyalty programs are digitally tracked allowing the user and merchant to maximize every interaction with customers
  • Customers can scan a QR code on their bill and pay in seconds (with the option to tip & split the bill, too)
  • Customers can locate other nearby eateries, get promotions which are automatically redeemed & discounts from restaurants
  • Merchants can use the value of transactional data and more secure payments to reduce transaction costs and improve data-driven mobile marketing, thus increasing revenue
  • Offer an EMV-compliant (Europay MasterCard and Visa) payment option to diners which is the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions – a more secure card versus the traditional swipe card
  • Increase table turnover and improve wait staff efficiencies
  • Help increase number of customers being served
  • Learn diner preferences, allowing for more targeted in-app marketing promotions by tracking diner purchases through POS integration (ex: for Happy Hour promotion or Holiday marketing)
  • Create a stronger customer following via Zapper’s voucher campaigns irrespective of if it is a QSR or full-service restaurant
  • The app’s payment security is PCI DSS compliant and uses double encryption & other security measures
  • Fewer chargebacks mean lower overall processing costs for merchants with a 1.8% processing rate
  • Zapper’s mobile marketing & loyalty programs are available to merchants for a flat rate of $50/mo.
  • Works well across all styles of restaurants including table-service dining

Launched their first US market in early 2015. Zapper specializes in mobile payment, loyalty, and marketing solutions for restaurants and is in restaurants across the U.S. Zapper is in over 6,500 restaurants worldwide. The Zapper app is free to download for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. FMI, please visit,