10 Cool Ways for Restaurants to Use QR Codes

QR codes, short for quick response codes, are those blocks of square dots that look like some sort of New Age Rorschach Test or maybe one of those visual puzzles that if you stare at long enough you’ll see a different image. In reality, they can reveal a whole lot more.

1)  Enhance your menu

Menus are best when they’re concise and uncluttered. But guests also like to have more information about a dish. Instead of the waiter reciting the ingredients and cooking method. Link to detailed descriptions with individual codes. Radisson Edwardian Hotels in Great Britain and Mike’s City Diner in Boston put QR codes on their menus so diners can see a video of signature dishes  being prepared.

2)  Nutritional information

Some people want to know the nutritional information of the food; some people don’t. Link to details about calories and carbs with a QR code and let the guest decide.  The Nutrition Center of Netherlands is doing it on a big scale, with QR codes on 1,500 billboards throughout the country that link to nutritional info.

3)  Give outsiders a look in

Put a QR code on the front door or window for people passing by to scan. Link to a video that gives them a virtual tour of your restaurant to entice them to come inside.  It works for the real estate industry, it can work for restaurants, too.

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