10 Reasons to Invest with an Industry Insider

10 Reasons to Invest with an Industry Insider

by Aaron Allen
Restaurant Consultant, Speaker & Industry Analyst
Aaron Allen & Associates

Acquisitions typically drive one-fourth of restaurant industry growth. And there’s plenty of capital to put behind foodservice companies. But there is an even bigger opportunity to invest beyond restaurant operators and into enterprises that are not even on the radar right now (like those looking to alternative formats and improved unit economic models, as well as transformative technologies) that will jump to very large valuations over the next few years.

Investors can obtain outsized returns in the foodservice industry (whether investing in large restaurant chains, foodservice technology providers, suppliers, or international powerhouses) while also fulfilling a purpose. As an investor, the key is finding the right partner to source opportunities that others don’t have access to — and to provide a team to support top-quartile value creation.

Here we outline ten reasons why smart money is investing with industry insiders.

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