100 Montaditos, The Renowned Spanish Restaurant Chain Debuts in Bethesda, Heart of Washington D.C. Metroarea

100 Montaditos, The Renowned Spanish Restaurant Chain Debuts in Bethesda, Heart of Washington D.C. Metroarea

100 Montaditos, the famous Spanish restaurant chain, has opened a new location in Bethesda, Maryland, marking a significant milestone in its expansion among the U.S. Nation. The brand’s signature product, the Montadito – a crunchy, baked-to-order tapas-sized roll deeply rooted in Spanish tradition – is charting new territory.

The restaurant concept – which has recently been identified as one of the most promising up-and-coming food chains in the U.S., by Yahoo! Finance and Technomic Inc., will bring a fresh new style of fast-casual dining to Washington D.C. The innovative concept, one that is found all over Spain and has exploded in popularity in the past decade, features Montaditos in 100 variations, filled with authentic high-quality tapa ingredients such as Serrano ham, chorizo and queso manchego, ranging in price from $1.00 to $2.50. Set in a casual, fun and high-energy environment reminiscent of the classic early 19th century tavernas found throughout Spain, the first location outside of Florida is located at Elm St., store 93 in Bethesda Row, an area known for its dining and shopping variety.

Inspired by early 19th century Spanish taverns which were known for offering a unique combination of comfort and quick, personalized service, the 100 Montaditos’ design will feature hardwood or tile floors, granite countertops and tables, mood lighting and authentic images from the beautiful Spanish city of Cádiz. The combination of dark wood and vibrant cherry red walls will enhance the cozy and trendy ambiance of the space, complimented by a unique mixture of classic yet modern details such as elegant forged iron lamps, white marble, ceramic tiles and framed pictures adorning the walls. The restaurant prides itself on being a place to enjoy a delicious slice of Spanish cuisine and culture in a relaxing and friendly environment.

The number of international restaurants is growing every day and demonstrates the strength of the restaurant concept created by Spanish entrepreneur José Maria Fernández Captain. This new restaurant is located in Bethesda, an urban and residential area in the State of Maryland. For its location, one of the major shopping areas as well as picturesque surroundings in Washington D.C. have been chosen.

The restaurant will be experiencing a very busy week. A Grand Opening will be held on the 17th, with members of the Spanish Community in Bethesda as well as Washington’s top foodies. On the 18th all passers-by can enjoy three montaditos free of charge, out of our top ten menu as part of our free day promotion.

“The opening of our first restaurant in the U.S. capital is not an opening that increases our portfolio of restaurants, but rather a symbolic event for all of us at 100 Montaditos. This opening demonstrates that we are on the right path to becoming even stronger on the East Coast, and that all the work done in the state of Florida has helped to lay the foundations for sustained growth that will continue to see results in the coming months.” In addition, Carlos Pérez Tenorio, 100 Montaditos CEO, states that “by 2014 we expect to have two additional openings in Washington D.C. which will add to the imminent opening we have scheduled in New York and Iowa, both new and exciting territory.”

What is a Montadito?

The Montadito is a typical element of the Spanish culture and gastronomy. Is a unique tapa-sized roll filled with the best ingredients, a very Spanish way of tasting different recipes. They are widespread and known in Spain since the fifteenth century. The montadito tradition is long and even previous to the sandwich culture. The root of the word montadito is in the Spanish verb montar (’to mount’), because small slices of bread are topped, or ‘mounted’, with a variety of quality ingredients. Montaditos are essentially charming bite-sized finger food. 100 Montaditos’ secret lies in its famous bread, which is imported from Spain and baked to order in specially designed ovens. The rolls are designed to stand up to the various toppings and sauces without becoming soggy and are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and always served warm. In addition to the wide array of Montaditos, diners will have the option to order from a selection of salads, traditional Spanish wines and beers and authentic beverages such as sangria and calimocho, a blend of red wine and cola.

100 Montaditos, The Renowned Spanish Restaurant Chain Debuts in Bethesda, Heart of Washington D.C. Metroarea

Founded in 2000 in Huelva, Spain and inspired by 19th century Spanish taverns, the fast casual restaurant chain 100 Montaditos now operates around 300 franchised restaurants in Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Italy and the United States, where it has a strong footprint in Florida and will launch in Iowa, New York and Chile later this year. The company has served more than sixty million montaditos so far. Every three days, they open a new restaurant in the world.

For more information about 100 Montaditos, please visit:  100Montaditos.com/us; Facebook; Twitter; FourSquare; YouTube; and Instagram (@100MontaditosUS).