16 Handles Launches New Oat Milk Soft Serve

16 Handles Launches New Oat Milk Soft Serve

16 Handles is launching the latest addition to its vegan menu: an all-new line of all-natural, dairy-free soft serve made with oat milk, starting with Chocolate Devotion and Dreamboat Coconut this February and March.

16 Handles’ customers have enjoyed numerous dairy-free options since 2008, and the brand’s lead chefs nearly doubled 16 Handles’ vegan flavor line-up with first-to-market cashew milk soft serve in 2019. “We were amazed by the response to our cashew-milk vegan flavors last year,” says CEO and founder Solomon Choi. “In 2020, we knew we wanted to do something even bigger, which is why we couldn’t be more excited to bring our new oat milk flavors to the handles.”

By using an oat milk base, 16 Handles crafts its flavors using recipes that are free from common allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and soy, allowing more customers than ever before to enjoy these new vegan options. Oat milk, one of the top-trending dairy-free ingredients on the market, is popular for good reasons. In addition to being gluten- and nut-free, it is also more environmentally friendly than other dairy-free milks, and it has a beautiful, silky texture that makes it the perfect ingredient for 16 Handles’ ultra-creamy soft serve.

16 Handles, best known for its Artisan frozen yogurt, is bringing another innovative twist to its oat milk soft serve recipes by including probiotics. Probiotics, the good-for-you cultures found in frozen yogurt, can help support digestive and immune health. A Live & Active Cultures seal sets 16 Handles’ new oat milk flavors in a class of their own when compared to other dairy-free desserts.

The first two flavors made with oat milk, Chocolate Devotion and Dreamboat Coconut, launch at all 16 Handles stores on February 17th. The perfect pairing of rich and decadent + light and sweet, the flavors are sure to appeal to everyone—dairy-free or just dessert-loving. 16 Handles fans can look forward to new soft serve flavors made with oat milk launching exclusively at 16 Handles all year long. Information on the latest launches is available at 16handles.com or via social media @16handles.

16 Handles opened its first store in Manhattan’s East Village in 2008, becoming the first self-serve frozen yogurt shop in New York City. Since then, they have expanded to over 30 locations with a menu that includes frozen yogurt, ice cream, vegan soft serve, endless toppings, smoothies, shakes, and other treats & snacks. In addition to creating irresistible desserts, 16 Handles works closely with local and national organizations in partnerships and fundraisers, including Trees for the Future, which focuses on environmental sustainability.

For more information visit http://www.16handles.com, Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/16Handles) or Twitter (@16Handles).