1851 On the Road: How Strong Positioning Separates Buffalo Wings & Rings from the Competition in the Restaurant Space

1851 On the Road: How Strong Positioning Separates Buffalo Wings & Rings from the Competition in the Restaurant SpaceNader Masadeh, CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings, explains the competitive advantages that the brand is able to leverage as the restaurant industry – and wing segment – become more crowded.

By Cassidy McAloon
Buffalo Wings & Rings Contributor

As members of the Buffalo Wings & Rings franchise system gathered in Clearwater, Florida for this year’s annual conference, one goal was top of mind: propelling the brand forward. It’s no secret that the restaurant segment of the franchising industry is becoming more crowded—that’s why Buffalo Wings & Rings is actively taking steps to ensure that it remains ahead of the competition.

During the annual conference, which was given the theme “Wings of Fortune,” 1851 publisher Nick Powills had the chance to sit down with Nader Masadeh, CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings, to learn more about what makes the brand so unique. According to Masadeh, the list of advantages that differentiate Buffalo Wings & Rings is a long one, from its focus on creating a club level experience to its family friendly environment. But when it comes to its main competitor—Buffalo Wild Wings—there’s one significant difference that shouldn’t be ignored.

While Buffalo Wild Wings is a publicly traded company that needs to take shareholders into consideration, Buffalo Wings & Rings is completely focused on serving its franchisees and consumers. That means that there isn’t heavy pressure to please other influencers—instead, the brand is able to operate according to its long-term goals. Buffalo Wings & Rings also boasts an elevated concept that’s still growing and able to offer both new and existing franchisees more room for growth, ultimately opening up the door to development in key markets across the country.

“We still have lots of [market] availability, and we are still looking for people that believe what we believe in and have similar values. It’s not so much about the restaurant experience as it is about having similar values and similar culture. We can always work [with our franchisees] on the other skills, the hardcore skills of the restaurant industry,” Masadeh said.

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