2017 Brings New Washington, D.C.-Area Trade Magazine to Restaurateurs

2017 Brings New Washington, D.C.-Area Trade Magazine to Restaurateurs

Revival of former magazine brand to increase access to industry-specific information, technology and products

Eatery Pulse News Network, an online, all-digital, trade news network for restaurateurs in the Washington, D.C. area, is set to launch the first edition of its flip-style magazine in January. Eatery Pulse Digital, a monthly trade magazine, will debut—its first edition,headlined by top 2017 food and industry trends, technology predictions and news briefs on important matters to D.C. restaurant owners, executives, managers and caterers. The network’s upcoming website, eaterypulse.com—to be launched within the week—will be a great resource for information about upcoming editions and the news show’s premiere in late January/early February.

“The launch team is excited about the upcoming magazine for restaurateurs in the DMV (D.C.-Maryland-Virginia) market” says Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse News Network producer. “This will come on the heels of the debut of our online news show and its competition for the selection of a top-notch anchor team. D.C. deserves the best and most vibrant talent to match the robust news and data-driven insights we’ll bring in video and flip format.”

The upcoming website will be the ideal access point to view the magazine and to also track the competition and participate in the vital crowdfunding campaign and related VIP events. Increased access to information and products will be invigorated and energized by the crowdfunding and initial sponsorship. An exciting social-media based competition for the news show anchors that will bring fresh, focused insights and analysis to the D.C. restaurant scene is nearly on the way.

“This wouldn’t be the big news that it is without the predetermined distribution platform and the prearranged support of top D.C.-area influencers,” adds Zambrano. “Add that to the crowdfunding campaign, and it’s clear we will build a more vibrant, trade news network together.”

An industry trade magazine with a collaborative approach

Zambrano, a relative outsider to the D.C. scene is collaborating with top, local industry stakeholders to bring the new magazine to life. Bringing a fresh perspective and robust 15-year food industry background to the magazine, the producer will help it achieve its mission of informing and inspiring independent restaurateurs across all sizes, formats and concepts.

The crowdfunding campaign will primarily fund the upcoming online news show for a full season, and also help establish the distribution for both news channels.The Eatery Pulse News Network venture is significant for area restaurateurs because it

  • increases their access to industry-specific news briefs, analysis and insights,
  • provides easier and faster visibility to top tools and products,
  • creates a weekly and monthly format to stay in touch with what is driving revenue in the restaurant business, and
  • broadens the restaurateur toolkit, making it accessible not only to restaurant owners and partners, but also to unit level managers.

Local influencers and experts are encouraged to contact the producer at rick@eaterypulse.net to submit locally-relevant and meaningful content. The magazine’s full-year storyboard is currently in progress and will be finalized in February.

Opening up access to the next gen of restaurant leaders in the DMV market

As part of its mission, Eatery Pulse News Network will help sponsor industry networking and educational events for restaurateurs, area- and unit-level managers, with a first event being scheduled for spring 2017. At least 20% of the profits of Eatery Pulse Digital magazine will fund scholarships for culinary and restaurant managers enrolling in a business-degree program in hospitality. A vetting committee will help the management team get scholarship to the right individuals.

“We’re witnessing key lessons in the D.C. area,” says Zambrano. “We’re hitting the right notes on culinary innovation and service levels, yet we’re still seeing top-name restaurants close within a year or two of their opening. We’re receiving accolades, but deepening our understanding of the ‘business of restaurants’ and what it means to longevity and profitability is a work in progress that we can master together.”

Learn more about Eatery Pulse Digital, the upcoming competition, and the news show by emailing media@eaterypulse.net and requesting a media kit.

Building a more dynamic, trade news network . . . Eatery Pulse News. The online network means increased access for D.C.-area restaurateurs to news briefs, analysis, insights, technology and products.  Eatery Pulse News Network’s upcoming launch signals the debut of a restaurant industry information channel in video format online, accompanied by an informative, stylish, digital magazine for the D.C. area. Covering cutting-edge news topics, it will disseminate best practices and hyper-local D.C.-area trends comprising technology, including mobile and IoRT, culinary trends and insights, marketing & social media, operations, and new concept design. The project is headed by Rick Zambrano, who has been a trend analyst, entrepreneur and consultant for foodservice operators and small businesses in the DMV (D.C.-Md.-Va.) market.