2024 DataDelivers Engagement Report Reveals Efficacy of 1:1 Marketing

2024 DataDelivers Engagement Report Reveals Efficacy of 1:1 MarketingDataDelivers, a leading provider of data-driven marketing solutions, has unveiled valuable findings from a comprehensive customer engagement study, shedding light on the remarkable efficacy of 1:1 marketing in the restaurant industry. The study, analyzing more than 300 million credit card transactions of 65 million unique guests across 2,000+ restaurant locations, confirms that 1:1 marketing strategies increased guest engagement by more than 300%.

1:1 marketing, the practice of delivering personalized brand messaging to guests on their devices while connecting purchasing behavior to individual guests, has emerged as a potent tool for enhancing guest engagement. By implementing 1:1 marketing strategies, restaurant operators can forge deeper connections with their guests, leading to more meaningful interactions, increased visit frequency, and engagement.

Explaining the mechanics behind 1:1 marketing, the industry experts at Gartner stress the importance of establishing unique guest identifiers and connecting those identifiers to purchase data over time. However, many restaurant brands lack the necessary data management capabilities to execute these strategies effectively, often relying solely on loyalty program data. This limited data pool fails to provide a comprehensive and singular view of guest engagement, potentially skewing perceptions and hindering effective marketing strategies.

“Most brands today possess a loyalty program, and this is a good first step,”  said Pat Riley, VP of Sales and Marketing at DataDelivers. “Our view is that brands have to go beyond loyalty in order to deliver 1:1 marketing to as many customers as possible.  By reaching more customers, operators can generate increased sales and traffic.”

The study conducted by DataDelivers reveals compelling statistics, with guests who received 1:1 marketing demonstrating significantly higher engagement levels. Impressively, 42% of guests who received personalized marketing in 2022 revisited the same brand in 2023, compared to just 13% of guests who did not receive such targeted messaging.

In addition to analyzing engaged guests, the study also evaluates the behavior of new and lapsed guests.

Riley emphasizes the pivotal role of customer retention in driving sustained success for restaurant brands. “While customer acquisition is important, retention is the cornerstone of long-term viability,” said Riley. “Our analysis underscores the immense opportunity for restaurants to boost returns and sales through enhanced guest engagement and retention strategies.”

The implications of this study are profound for the restaurant industry, offering actionable insights for operators striving to improve guest engagement. DataDelivers’ innovative solutions, including the Customer Management Platform and Guest Connect program, equip operators with the tools needed to increase retention rates effectively. These platforms provide a holistic view of guest behavior, enabling personalized marketing campaigns that significantly enhance guest engagement and loyalty.

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