6 Quick Sports Bar Marketing Ideas

Running a sports bar might seem easy—after all, can’t you just put on a game and call it a day? Well, not exactly. As any sports bar owner knows, it isn’t quite that simple! If you want your bar to succeed, you have to get creative with your marketing. Here are 6 quick ideas you can use to market your sports bar.

1. Support local teams.

Be sure to decorate your bar in your home team’s colors and always have their games playing. Fans want to feel like they’re at home in your bar!

2. Sponsor a local team.

Consider sponsoring a local adult softball league (or a similar team). Your logo will be on all their jerseys and you’ll get tons of free promotion. Plus, you can turn your bar into their official post-game hangout spot.

3. Bring in local sports heroes.

Bring in a local star athlete to sign autographs and hang out with your customers. This will add a lot of excitement to a typical day and bring in lots of customers. It will also make your bar seem a lot more legit—if a superstar athlete hangs out there, people in your neighborhood will assume your bar must be pretty great!

4. Offer sports-related specials and drinks.

Consider naming your menu items after local teams or players. This will make your menu stand out. Customers might not want to order the same drink they’ve had a million times, but they’ll consider it if it’s named after their favorite player.

5. Don’t forget about non-sports games.

Don’t think that you can just rely on sports—after all, there isn’t always a “big” game on. Make sure you have plenty of other things for customers to do. You can up the excitement level at your bar by featuring Buzztime’s array of trivia, card, and arcade games!

6. Utilize social media.

Social media is important for every bar or restaurant, but be sure you use it to market your sports bar. Use Facebook and Twitter to let all your followers know which games you’ll be showing, and share pictures of your specials on Instagram.

Marketing your sports bar doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Try out these 6 quick ideas!

Article provided by Buzztime.

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