A Budget Deal That’s Ready Now: Free Chicken Bites!

A Budget Deal That's Ready Now: Free Chicken Bites!

Outback Steakhouse has a budget deal everyone can agree on: A free chicken bites appetizer. This Thursday, Outback will offer free Tassie’s Buffalo Chicken Bites with the purchase of any adult entree.

“We’re putting our own budget deal into action,” said Mike Kappitt, Chief Marketing Officer for Outback Steakhouse.  “All sides agree that a free appetizer is a great way to jump start dinner.”

Outback’s Tassie’s Buffalo Chicken Bites are hand-battered, tossed with spicy Buffalo sauce and served with celery and blue cheese. To claim your free bites, don’t forget to tell your server to just, “figure it out.”

Earlier this week, Outback offered a neutral (Aussie) place for our nation’s key leaders to table up to delicious food to help break our government shutdown impasse. So far, this offer has not been accepted. Now, with a bipartisan deal on the table, come to Outback’s table and enjoy a budget deal that everyone can agree on – a free appetizer.

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At Outback Steakhouse, our flavors run wild –– where it’s not only OK to sit back, relax and forget your manners –– it’s encouraged. “No Rules, Just Right.” is the spirit of the Outback that delivers a delicious and no worries dining experience. Outback Steakhouse was voted #1 Best Steak in the 2012 Zagat Survey of National Full-Service Restaurant Chains for the fourth consecutive year. For more information, please visit http://www.outback.com or http://www.facebook.com/outback.