Accelerate your Business Growth with $25-50 Million of Development Capital

Accelerate your Business Growth with $25-50 Million of Development Capital

Franchise Funding Made Easy

Accelerate your Business Growth with $25-50 Million of Development CapitalAmerican Franchise Funding’s Infinity funding solution allows successful multi unit operators to grow their business without using any of their own capital.

American Franchise Funding (AFF) offers businesses a full service national developer, real estate team, as well as select private equity firms at no cost to the client.

This removes the financial barriers of expanding their business allowing them to concentrate on operations. Through the Infinity funding program your success becomes your credit, so there’s no need to collateralize cash flowing locations or take on more debt through traditional lending.

With no out of pocket expenses for land acquisition, construction, or deposits it allows complete focus on growing the business at an expedited rate. Franchisors can offer AFF’s funding solution to their franchisees to help them develop territories and a much faster rate than if they had to do it on their own. AFF becomes a franchises full time team, at no cost, making this a unique one of a kind service directly improving their clients bottom line.

AFF President, Jayson More, says ”today’s restaurant operators are faced with so many external headwinds such as higher food prices, wage increases, and rising health care that this one stop shop is dollar for dollar the most economical way to open more locations as well as maximizing your time value of money.”

American Franchise Funding is a full service company with experts that work tirelessly every step of the way.

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