Affordable Seating Announces an All American Made Product Line

At Affordable Seating, the importance of durability and quality in restaurant furniture is never underestimated. With years of experience, expertise and service in the food and hospitality industry, Affordable Seating strives for customer satisfaction. We believe our customers deserve the highest quality product for the most affordable price and this is why we take pride in manufacturing many of our chairs and tables in the United States.

From Raw Wood to a Finished Product

Affordable Seating is proud to be one of few which manufacture American all-wood commercial chairs in the United States. From raw wood to a finished product, everything happens right here in Indiana.

Affordable Seating Announces an All American Made Product Line

With the support of our multiple brands and valued customers, we are able to manufacture thousands of chairs, bar stools, and table tops, making production into mass-production which results in savings to restaurants:

  • Many of our restaurant chairs come standard with a solid wood seat or padded seat. Also available in custom finishing and specifications.

Affordable Seating Announces an All American Made Product Line

  • Our restaurant tables can also be customized in size and finish. Table tops range from solid butcher block or plank to laminate with different edge types.

Affordable Seating Announces an All American Made Product Line

US Made vs. Imported Furniture

When shopping for restaurant chairs and bar stools, it is crucial to check the weight limit, certification and warranty. Affordable Seating American made chairs come with a 3-year warranty with a lifetime warranty on parts.  Most imported chairs on the other hand will come with a one year warranty. In a busy environment such as a restaurant, the warranty difference may reflect in thousands of dollars.

Restaurants of all sizes, types and budgets need to invest in furniture. Because restaurant furniture affects the comfort, style and accessibility of your establishment, it is one of the most crucial buying decisions you will ever make. Furniture is one of the most important yet least appreciated business aspects in the restaurant industry. Many overseas commercial furniture factories are perfectly capable of producing high quality long lasting furniture but many retailers target low-income price points and provide low-grade products.

Why Buy American Made Furniture?

Although you pay more for American made commercial furniture, the quality matches the price tag and the warranty justifies it. American made furniture in general is not just superior in terms of quality but also as well as in health, safety, and environmental considerations. Through buying American made furniture, you are supporting sustainable communities and helping to provide much needed American jobs in the economy’s current state.

Expanding the American made restaurant furniture line to include every and any piece of furniture you need allows Affordable Seating to become a one-stop-shop for any restaurateur looking to furnish their restaurant by saving customers the aggravation of having to go from point A to point B and C to get different items and parts. Plus a limited lifetime warranty is included upon purchase on certain items.

Affordable Seating is a one-stop-shop for American made restaurant chairs, bar stools, tables and booths. Our diverse selection of restaurant furniture is offered in a variety of materials and styles suited for any motif and decor. Our high-quality, well-designed products are durable, practical and competitively priced. Visit us to learn more: