Affordable Seating Brings 1950’s Nostalgia with Retro Seating

Restaurants are where memories are created, evoked, and last. If you grew up in the 50s, 60s or 70s, retro style restaurants may conjure nostalgia of sipping a soda pop with music playing from the jukebox in the background. Decorating your restaurant with a retro look is one of many ways to relive the dining scene you remember from the 50s. A retro interior lends a unique design that can be integrated as a conversation piece or as a complete makeover for your diner. You may want to design your venue to reflect that nostalgic period. If you are looking to bring a blast from the past to your restaurant, Affordable Seating has a wide selection of retro seating that will allow you to reproduce and recreate the look of your favorite 1950s diner.

What is a retro design?

A retro style, in terms of an interior design, is used to describe design trends from the 1950s up till the 1970s. There are several degrees of retro style that range from adding diner booths or chrome swivel bar stools to recreating a vintage restaurant interior from a particular time period. Retro style diners tend to be bright, theatrical, whimsical, bright and colorful. Decorating your diner’s interior with a classic color scheme of black, red, white and aqua is one of the easiest ways to create a diner vibe. Checkered tiled floorings with vinyl tiles are one of the most quintessential diner attributes. If you decide to go retro with your venue design, embracing this trend shows that a lot of planning went into creating your restaurant and that you haven’t neglected to update your décor in years. Vintage designs for restaurant furniture and interior are highly sought after and a few retro style accessories can go a long way.

Retro Decorating Inspiration and Ideas

Finding inspiration is a crucial deciding factor for a theme. Whether you are creative and confident enough to handle this project on your own or you need to enlist help, there is a myriad of ideas on commercial design magazines, television programs, books, and the Internet. You are sure to find something that will inspire a retro diner interior style. A retro diner interior design often relies on vintage items as well as reproductions. When people generally think of a retro design restaurant, specific materials, textiles, colors and restaurant furniture come to mind:

  • Chrome is one of the most popular materials used in retro interior diners. From retro chairs to bar stools, chrome is the background for retro seating that was common in the 50s.
  • When you think of retro, you probably envision a lot of plastic, vinyl, upholstered diner booths, and other manmade materials. Aluminum edges are found on laminate tables paired with upholstered metal retro chairs or dining booths.
  • Accessories like wall art and lamps are a fun way to revitalize your retro style diner. Accessories for the dining room are typical toasters, blenders, jukeboxes, other small appliances, vinyl records, movie posters, and frame pictures of celebrities from the 1950s.
  • While color is used in a retro look, shapes and designs also play an important role in creating this style. Pieces that feature geometric shapes such as counter stools, garbage cans, and clocks can do a lot for your retro design. A splash of color doesn’t hurt either.

The Curb

Ranked 7th in the best burger restaurants in America, The Curb is located in Wabash, Indiana. Old school cooking never goes out of style and The Curb exemplifies that. The décor hasn’t changed either but The Curb offers a unique dining experience every visit. The wall decorations, black and white checkered flooring, quick ship diner booths and retro chairs channel the low 1950s glitz.

Affordable Seating Brings 1950's Nostalgia with Retro Seating
The Curb

Enosburg Diner

Nostalgic dining and great food in Enosburg Falls is Enosburg Diner’s claim to fame. They raise the bar by providing fresh and local ingredients to their customers. If you are looking for a good time, Enosburg Diner has a fun décor and music. Relax in a red/white V-shaped booth or at their counter area to enjoy a milkshake. Though the furniture, checkered floor and laminated tables fee like a time warp, free Wi-Fi is offered.

Affordable Seating Brings 1950's Nostalgia with Retro Seating
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