Allergen Tables – an Outdated & Expensive Way of Presenting Important Info

Allergen Tables - an Outdated & Expensive Way of Presenting Important Info

To cater to the growth in demand from Gluten-free, Allergen-sensitive and Special-diet diners, restaurants are increasingly making extra efforts to present such information for their customers. Most large casual dining chains currently present this info in the form of 8 different allergen menus – one for each allergen or sensitivity.

“Presenting 8 different allergen menus/tables is not only an overwhelming way of presenting info to a diner, but it is also an inefficient and expensive process for restaurants” says Dilip Chopra the co-founder of Gipsee, Inc. which provides interactive technology solutions for restaurants. “Our solutions are designed to cost less than what it currently costs to prepare allergen tables with the additional benefits of improving the overall customer dining experience and increasing customer loyalty. Restaurants can start experiencing a demonstrable positive ROI from day one with our interactive tools!” he adds.

With Gipsee’s solution, a diner simply enters his/her restrictions, (allergens or preferences) on any web-enabled device (including smart-phones) to instantly view menu options at the restaurant that fit the customer’s restriction criteria. The menu-analysis is done in ‘real-time’ and the diner can select from hundreds of combinations of restrictions and preferences, not just the major 8 categories.

Current Allergen Tables are outdated and expensive because, they:

  • are static and, have to be manually updated whenever menus/ingredients change. An in-efficient process!
  • need to be prepared, printed, distributed and updated frequently. Costs money and resources!
  • are time consuming to prepare often needing to be prepared and re-prepared by “outside consultants”. Results in lime-lags and delays which don’t work well in the case of LTOs
  • are only limited to the “major 8 allergens”. Most customers have restrictions that may include one of the” major 8” categories plus others that may not be part of the” major 8”.
  • are not flexible and cannot be customized ‘on the go’ depending on customer needs. Every diner is unique and meal customization is a resonating trend with diners.

Gipsee’s Interactive Allergy Menus are web-based and are designed to create a ‘zero-load’ on corporate IT resources.

Gipsee’s technology is based on licensed Patent-Pending methodologies. It is currently being used at approximately 2,200 US restaurant locations and has won several accolades including the ‘Operator Innovations’ Award by the National Restaurant Association.

For more info, go to or, to view a live demo, go to and click on ‘Allergy Menu’