Ameci Pizza Kitchen Reaches for New Markets

The Ameci Pizza Kitchen franchise announced this week its plans for growth in 2012, stating that their goal was to recruit more multi-unit franchise operators both in California and other states across the country. There are currently 42 Ameci Pizza & Pasta restaurants in operation in Los Angeles and San Francisco and the franchise sees further opportunity for growth in San Francisco, San Diego and other Californian cities.

“With an annual worth of over $60 billion in sales in California, there’s still a lot of opportunity for Ameci Pizza Kitchen to tap into. We’re eager to work with franchisees to expand our reach right across the state” Nick Andrisano, Ameci Pizza Kitchen.

They are also implementing plans to expand operations outside of California, with growth first into neighboring states and then expansion right across the country. Ameci Pizza Kitchen have developed a national distribution program to give new operators the ability to purchase all of the products necessary to run an Ameci Pizza Kitchen restaurant wherever they are in the country, ensuring there isn’t an issue of dependency on proximity to a headquarters.

The main focus of expansion is aimed at multi-unit franchises, which will give the franchisee the biggest opportunity for success, aid rapid expansion in new markets and create higher brand visibility in new cities where Ameci Pizza Kitchen hasn’t previously had a presence. Whilst multi-unit foodservice operations are usually associated with the need to also operate a commissary to service the restaurants, Ameci Pizza Kitchen stress that this isn’t necessary with their restaurants as their menu is designed to be made fresh on the premises.

“This is a key element in every Ameci Pizza Kitchen restaurant. We operate a “Fresh is Best” policy. For example, we don’t use frozen pizza bases, every pizza base in every restaurant is made from fresh dough from our own Special High Protein, Winter Wheat, hand turned and baked on-site. Authentic isn’t something we just pay lip-service to, it’s at the heart of our business.” – Nick Andrisano, Ameci Pizza Kitchen

Ameci Pizza Kitchen was created by Nick Andrisano when he moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to introduce his family’s authentic Italian recipes to California. By the mid-1980s there were over 40 Ameci Pizza & Pasta restaurants in operation offering an award winning Fast Casual dining experience. Today, franchise opportunities are available through their pizza franchise program including San Francisco, San Diego and Texas.  For more information, please visit