America’s Biggest Burgers

America's Biggest Burgers

There is no doubt that people in the U.S. absolutely love burgers.

And while traditional fast food chains are looking to keep up with the burgeoning craft burger market, some restaurants are opting to just go big.

This meaty list of the biggest burgers in the country may give you a food baby just by looking at it. And keep in mind, the burgers seen here can and have all been finished by one person. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

From coast to coast, check out these gigantic burgers.

1. The XXXL from Fatburger

LA-based Fatburger takes its burger game to the next level with a massive triple patty, 24-ounce burger called the XXXL. The bravest eaters in the country can try the XXX Challenge– you just have to finish an entire burger with all the fixings for a chance to earn a spot on the wall with the other XXXL champions. The current record holder finished a shockingly tall 16-patty Fatburger.

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