Arby’s Doubles Pledged Donation, Gives $2 Million to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign

More than 16 million children face hunger in America today, but help has proven to be a collective “good mood” away. With the generosity of Arby’s customers, employees and franchisees over the past several months, the Arby’s Foundation has contributed over $2 million to the No Kid Hungry Campaign, a national effort to end childhood hunger in America. The recent Share Your Good Mood restaurant fundraising program benefiting Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign more than doubled the Arby’s Foundation’s original pledge to raise $1 million during the fourth quarter.

“Only one dollar donated to the No Kid Hungry Campaign can help connect a child facing hunger here in the U.S. to 10 meals, so just imagine what two million dollars can do,” said Billy Shore, CEO and founder of Share Our Strength. “In an extraordinarily short amount of time, Arby’s and its customers have made outstanding achievements toward our cause: ending childhood hunger. This sizeable contribution will allow us to allocate vital resources to children in need and to continue growing our work across the nation to ensure no child goes hungry.”

Arby’s is the first national quick service restaurant chain to partner in a nationwide effort with the No Kid Hungry Campaign and is among the first No Kid Hungry Campaign partners to collectively give and raise $2 million in the first year of a partnership. The partnership kicked off in October with the introduction of new and more nutritious choices on the Arby’s Kids Meal menu.

The Share Your Good Mood Campaign allowed Arby’s customers to donate one dollar to the cause, yielding a total of more than $1.7 million in donations. The Arby’s Foundation contributed an additional $300,000 rendering over $2 million dollars to the No Kid Hungry Campaign.

“The generosity of the Arby’s customers, employees and franchisees is inspiring,” said Arby’s Foundation Executive Director, Kate Atwood. “It’s clear that they care about helping to end childhood hunger in America. This pressing matter relies on all of our commitments to ensure no child in America goes hungry. At Arby’s, we have only just begun and we are honored to do this work on behalf of the estimated 16 million children in America who are at risk of not receiving the meals they need to learn, play and grow.”

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Arby’s and the Arby’s Foundation have generated significant national awareness to the childhood hunger movement and to the No Kid Hungry Campaign, by leveraging its restaurants and digital and social media properties in the fight to end childhood hunger in America. In addition to the national fundraiser in-store and online, Arby’s hosted a Foursquare challenge, donating $1 for every “check-in” at its restaurants nationwide. On Facebook and Twitter, Arby’s provided a meter allowing fans to monitor their fundraising success. Arby’s employees chipped in as well, participating in a series of events, including Bag Hunger Day to champion the cause.

The Arby’s Foundation will continue the partnership with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign in 2012 and beyond by ongoing efforts to raise awareness and funds to improve access to feeding programs in local communities. The Arby’s Foundation will also continue supporting Share Our Strength’s national and state campaigns to ensure American children are connected to the meals they need to grow and thrive.